"Word Tricks: 8 Indispensable Quick Tips for Word Users"

I am sure you will blow away with the following simple Word tricks because it's easy to follow yet efficient if you use it correctly. Follows the guides here:

1. Instant AutoCorrect.

Right-click on a word that's flagged as misspelled and click on the correct word if the suggested alternative display from the menu.

If Word has a suggested alternative, AutoCorrect will appear on the menu. Choose AutoCorrect and then select the correct version of the word from the submenu to create an AutoCorrect entry.

2. Faster Go To.

Double-click the left end of the status bar to bring up the Go To tab so you can jump to an item in your document such as bookmark, a specific page, a table, a section, and so on.

3. Clear a Table Contents.

If you need to delete the contents of all the cells in a table, just select the table and press Delete (not Backspace button).

4. Display Document Marker.

To display the paragraph markers and tab marks, simply click the Show/Hide icon on the Standard toolbar. Displaying those normally hidden characters helps you avoid inadvertently deleting objects or changing formatting; it also helps you figure out funky alignment and extra white space problems.

5. Add a Border to a Page.

To add a border to page, open the Format menu, select the Borders and Shading command, and click the Page Border tab. Select the appropriate options and click OK.

6. Calculate Total in a Word Table.

Click in an empty cell at the bottom of a column of numbers. Open the Table menu, select Formula, and click OK to accept the default Sum formula.

7. How Many Words in your Document or Specific Paragraph?

Need to know how many words, characters, paragraphs, or lines appear in a portion of a document? Just select the text you want to run the count on prior to choosing Word Count from the Tools menu. Highlight the entire document if you wish to know the total words in the document.

8. Create a Desktop Shortcut to a Document.

To create a document shortcut, first highlight some text to serve as a target in the document and click the Copy icon on the Standard toolbar. Next, minimize all active windows so you can see the Windows desktop. Then, right-click on the desktop, and choose Paste Shortcut.

To change the shortcut name, click on the shortcut to select it and then press F2 key to activate the label for editing. Type the desired name and press Enter key. Now, double-click on the shortcut will open the associated document, navigate to your target text, and select it.

These are just 8 simple Word tricks that can help you to save time and efforts in using the Word 2003. If you want to get more tricks, click the links below:

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