The Word Table of Contents: Create Document TOC with few Clicks!

A Word table of contents (TOC) is a guide at the beginning of a document/book that tells the reader where to find sections within a document. The table of contents lists section headings and their corresponding page numbers.

Microsoft Word has a wonderful built-in function to create a table of contents, using headings within a document or from an outline. Here we will tell you how to create a TOC using heading styles.

To create a Word Table of Contents

  • Make sure your document is finished and formatted with heading styles.
  • Position your cursor at the place in the document you'd like the TOC to appear.
  • From the Insert menu, point to Reference and click on Index and Tables.

    Word Table of Contents

  • From the Index and Tables dialog box displayed, click the Table of Contents tab.
  • Under the General section, choose the pre-defined styles Formats: .
  • Indicate the heading depth you would like displayed in the TOC by modifying the Show levels: box.
  • Other options already pre-selected by default:
    Show page numbers: You can show (or omit) page numbers in the TOC.
    Right align page numbers: Make your page numbers right align in the TOC.
  • You can modify the Tab leader, which controls the appearance of the space between the end of the section title and the page number in the TOC.
  • Once finish, click OK.

    To update a Table of Contents

  • Right click on the area to the left (or within) the TOC and select Update Field from the pop-up menu. This will display the Update Table of Contents dialog box.

    Update Table of Contents

  • From the Update Table of Contents dialog box displayed, you can choose to update page numbers only or entire table.
  • Click OK button.

    To delete a Table of Contents

  • Select or highlight the entire TOC.
  • Press the Delete key.

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