Word Paste Special: It's different from Normal Paste!

What you can do with the Word Paste Special? Let’s see…

Word typically preserves all formatting when you copy or cut information from a Web page or other documents and paste it into a Word document. Sometime this is good and helpful, but it can get annoying --such as when you copy the text from web that happens to be a hyperlink and Word inserts the link into your document.

There is a simple way to avoid pasting text with all that formatting using the paste special feature.

To use Paste Special to paste unformatted text

  • Copy the text from other sources (i.e. Web or Word document)
  • Open Microsoft Word, where you wish to paste the text.
  • From the Edit menu, click Paste Special

    word paste special

  • From the Paste Special dialog box displayed, select Unformatted Text.
  • Click OK. You'll insert the words themselves, without all that extraneous formatting.

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