Controlling Word Page Break

Word Page break is the point at which one page ends and another begins. Microsoft Word inserts an "automatic" (or soft) page break for you, or you can force a page break at a specific location by inserting a "manual" (or hard) page break.

For some types of documents you may want to make sure that any given paragraph appears all on one page or another. Word includes a formatting feature that allows you to ensure that paragraphs stay together without a page break in the middle of them.

You can control this by setting pagination options.

To set the page break pagination options

  • Select/highlight the paragraph or paragraphs that contain lines you want to keep together.
  • From the Format menu, click Paragraph.

    Word line and page breaks dialog box

  • From the Paragraph dialog box displayed, make sure the Line and Page Breaks tab is selected.
  • Select the appropriate check box:

    Widow/Orphan control: Control widow and orphan lines. This option is turned on by default.
    Keep lines together: To keep lines of a paragraph together on a page or in a column.
    Keep with next: To paragraphs together on a page or in a column.
    Page break before: Always force a page break before a paragraph.

  • Click on OK button.

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