Modify Word normal dot template! How to prevent it?

Do you know what is Word template? Word's master template.

There are two basic types of files used in Word, that is .doc, which stands for Document. The other is a .dot, which stands for Document Template.

When Microsoft Word starts up it loads a template file called and you use this template to create all documents. Else, you can use customized template you've created before to create the documents.

The Word template contains the basic layout (i.e. default font, page margins, styles, etc) and helps shape any documents created from this template. So, it’s important that you need to prevent accidental keystrokes or macro viruses from changing your Word defaults normal template.

You can force Microsoft Word to ask you every time it closes whether you want to save the file. This way, if you know you made necessary changes to your default template you can save the file. Otherwise, you can help prevent mysterious or unintended changes by not overwriting the default template.

To prevent accidental changes to template

  • From the Tools menu, click Options.
  • From the Options dialog box displayed, click the Save tab.

    word options dialog box

  • Check Prompt to save Normal template option.
  • Click OK.

    A fairly common question is: "How come every time I start a new document there's the same text already written on my page?" That's because, somehow, the user managed to open the blank document template (, typed something on the page, and saved the text to the, as well as whatever document name they saved the file. So they've altered the master template!

    To fix the problem, the user needs to reopen the file, remove the text and resave that master template file without the text. Then, when you open again a new Word document, the page will be empty.

    However, there are some basic customizations you can do that would probably allow you to work more efficiently. If you want all your documents, or the majority of them, created in a particular font, other than the Times New Roman (the default font), you can change that.

    To customize the template

  • Open a new blank Word document.
  • From the Format menu, click Font.
  • From the Font dialog box displayed, change the font you prefer as your default starting font face, style, color, size, etc.
  • Then, click on a Default button at the bottom of the dialog box. You'll be warned that this change will affect all new documents based on the Normal template.

    word normal template

  • Click Yes.

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