Word Keyboard Shortcut – Function Keys

The table here are the Microsoft Word keyboard shortcut for the function keys from F1 to F12.

Function key +SHIFT +CTRL +ALT
F1 Displays the Help task pane Opens Reveal Formatting task pane Closes and reopens the current task pane Goes to the next field
F2 Moves text or graphics Copies selected text Opens Print Preview
F3 Inserts an AutoText entry (if pressed after Word displays the entry) Switches case of selected text Cuts selected text to the Spike Creates an AutoText entry from current selection
F4 Repeats the last command or action Repeats last Find or Go To action Closes the document window Quits MS Word or Closes the active window/dialog box
F5 Displays the Go To dialog box Moves to the last change Restores the window size of the document window Restores the program window size
F6 Switches between the Help task pane and the program window or Switches to the next pane in a document window that has been split Switches to the previous pane in a document window that has been split Switches to the next document window (when more than one window is open) Moves from an open dialog box back to the document (some dialog boxes support this)
F7 Checks spelling Opens Thesaurus Moves the document window (when it isn’t maximized) Finds the next misspelling or grammatical error
F8 Turns on Extend mode or Extends a selection Shrinks a selection Resizes the document window (when it isn’t maximized) Displays the Macros dialog box
F9 Updates selected fields Switches between displaying a field code and its result Inserts an empty field Switches between all field codes and their results
F10 Selects the Menu Bar or Closes an open menu and submenu at the same time Displays the Shortcut menu for the selected item Maximizes or restores the window Maximizes the window
F11 Goes to the next field Goes to the previous field Locks a field Switches between the Visual Basic Editor and the previous active window
F12 Opens the Save As dialog box Saves the active document Opens the Open dialog box

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