"Microsoft Word 2010 Backstage View - An Overview"

The Word 2010 Backstage view replaces the Office button in Word 2007 and, for the most part, the File menu in many earlier versions of Word.

The Backstage view was designed with the idea of giving you an easy way to access all the tools you need as you manage your documents. It's easy to switch to the backstage view in Word 2010, just click on the File tab will open it.

Microsoft Word 2010 backstage view

As you can see, the Word 2010 backstage view are divided into 3 columns, the left column also name as Tabs area, middle column is the Groups area while the right column is the Preview and Properties area.

The Tabs area

At the top of the tabs column, you find four selections - Save, Save As, Open, and Close. By default a set of four recent documents is displayed right below it.

The Backstage tabs column offers a set of six tabs - Info, Recent, New, Print, Save & Send and Help, organized according to the different ways you will want to work with your files.

The Groups area

It displays groups of tools related to the tab you've selected. Basically, this is the area that allows you to take action on a specific task or file. You choose the command you want to use or the file you want to work with.

For example, the groups area on the Print tab id displayed below. You may notices that the whole print process has been simplified so that you can preview, set options, and print your document all in a single screen.

Microsoft Word 2010 backstage view print tab

The Preview and Properties Area

This area gives you additional information about the current document and the choices you make in the groups area of the view. It varies depending on the tab you've selected.

On the Info tab, this column displays the document properties for your file. On the Print tab, you can preview and page through your document. On the Help tab, this area displays information about your version of Word 2010 and gives you access to your product ID.

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