"Word 2007 Printing - The Proper Steps to Preview and Print Your Documents"

Word 2007 printing feature may seem like a fairly basic function, there are several tasks associated with it that needs your attention, such as setting up your printer, using Print Preview, and printing your documents.

Note: Before you print, make sure your computer preinstall with the printer, the driver is install properly and ensure that the printer is connected to the computer and it's working fine.

You can use the Print Preview feature to view your document on the screen before you print it. Print Preview displays the page(s) of your document exactly as they will appear when printed.

The following will show you how to preview and those setting involved to print your documents:

To preview what you will print

  • Open the document that you wish to print.
  • Click the Office Button, point at the Print arrow, and click Print Preview. Your document is displayed in Print Preview view.
  • preview a document

To view multiple pages in Print Preview

  • From the Print Preview tab, in the Zoom group, click Two Pages icon to display a two-page view.
  • preview multiple pages

  • Click the One Page icon to return to the original one-page view.

To change the document margins

  • From the Print Preview tab, in the Preview group, click Show Ruler. A ruler is displayed on the left and on the top of the document. The margins are shown as the shaded areas on the ends of the rulers.
  • In the Page Setup group, click Margins icon to display a margin drop-down menu options. Select the option that is most suitable for your document.
  • change document margins

  • Click Custom Margins at the bottom of the menu to display the Page Setup dialog box, and you can directly enter or select the individual margins you want to use.

To preview the document from page to page

  • From the Print Preview tab, in the Preview group, click Previous Page or Next Page to move forward or backward one page at a time.

To close print preview

  • From the Print Preview tab, in the Preview group, click the Close Print Preview icon.

To set and print a document

  • Click the Office Button, and click Print.
  • Word 2007 print dialog box

  • From the Print dialog box displayed, if more than one printer is available to you, select the printer you want to use from the Name: drop-down list.
  • Select an option in the Page Range section:

  • All - prints all the pages in your document.
    Current Page - prints the currently selected page or the page in which the insertion point (cursor) is active.
    Selection - prints only the content you have selected (highlighted).
    Pages - prints the range of pages you select. For example, enter 1-4, 5, 9 will print page 1 to 4, page 5 and page 9.

  • Select an option from the Print what: drop-down list:

  • Document - prints the document.
    Document properties - prints the information about file name, the date the document was created, and when it was last saved.
    Document showing markup - prints the document with any revision marks present.
    List of markup - prints a list of the edits, insertions, and other markups or changes made to a document.
    Styles - prints style information.
    Building block entries - prints a list of building block entries.
    Key assignments - prints a list of shortcut keys defined by the user and available in Word.

  • Select an option from the Print: drop-down list:

  • All pages in range - prints all pages, either all the pages in the document or in the range you specify.
    Odd pages - prints all the odd-numbered pages in the document or in the range you specify.
    Even pages - prints all the even-numbered pages in the document or in the range you specify.

  • Enter the number of copies you want to print the document in the Number of copies: box.
  • Click the Pages per sheet down arrow, and select a number if you want to print more than one page on a sheet of paper.
  • Click the Scale to paper size down arrow, and select a paper size to which your document needs to be scaled. For example, you might select A4 if you are printing documents on A4-sized paper.
  • When you have selected all the options you want and are ready to print your document, click OK button.

As you can see, Word 2007 printing involved two major steps, document preview and printing in order to get the output that you want. 2007 Save and Save As Features

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