The Ultimate Guide to Word 2003 Book (Training Manual)

The Ultimate Guide to Word 2003 book or training manual can be used as a reference guide for you to discover the useful and important features in Word. It is divided into chapters, as you can see from the TOC below.

Word features and topics demonstrated include the following: Smart Tags, Undo & Redo, Autocorrect, Templates, Navigation, Selecting Text, Moving & Copying, Character and Paragraph Formatting, Bullets, Document Views, Printing, Tables, and Page Layout.


About This Manual

Chapter 1: Word 2003 Basics
Basic Concepts
Getting Started
Word 2003 Screen Elements
Viewing Your Document
Viewing multiple documents
Browse Object
Microsoft Word Help

Chapter 2: Starting to use Word
Entering and Editing Data
Word Wrap
Inserting Lines
Editing Text
Show / Hide All
The Undo feature
Using Smart Tags
File OperationsTemplates
Saving files
Closing Files
Close all files
Opening Files

Chapter 3: Navigation & Selecting Text
Selecting text
Extend Mode
Selecting non-concurrent text

Chapter 4: Clipboard
Move & Copy
Moving and Copying between documents
Clipboard Task Pane
Insert a file

Chapter 5: Characters Formatting
Character formats
Character formatting keyboard shortcuts

Chapter 6: Paragraph Formatting
Paragraph Formats
Other Paragraph Formats
Paragraph formatting keyboard shortcuts
Format Painter
Reveal and Clear Formatting
Remove formatting with the keyboard
Page Borders
Shortcut Menus
Bulleted and Numbered lists

Chapter 7: Viewing and Printing
Print Preview

Chapter 8: Tables
Table Manipulations
Table Borders
Table Shading
Repeating Table Headings

Chapter 9: Proofing Tools
Spell Checker
Smart Tags
Document Map
Page Setup
Page breaks
Headers and Footers
Page Numbers

Appendix: Keyboard Shortcuts
Movement keys
Selection keys
Character Formatting
Paragraph formatting
Table navigation
Selecting in a table

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