"6-Easy Step to Uninstall
Microsoft Office 2007"

You need to uninstall Microsoft Office 2007? Why?

Well, maybe your Office 2007 applications having some problem because of the some file corruptions. Then, it’s good to uninstall the Office 2007 first before reinstall it.

Here are the step-by-step guides to uninstall MS Office 2007:

1. From the Start button, click Control Panel.

2. From the Control Panel menu, click on Add or Remove Programs (under Pick a Category).

3. From the Add or Remove Programs window, select Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 and click on the Remove button.

uninstall Office 2007

4. The following dialog box will pop-up asking you whether you want to remove Office 2007.

uninstall Office 2007

5. Click the Yes button. The screen will show the Office uninstall in progress. This will take some time until completion.

uninstall Office 2007

6. When finished, click the Close button. A pop-up message will display. Click Yes to reboot (restart).

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