Use the SUMIF Function Correctly!

In Excel 2003, the SUMIF function adds all numbers in a range of cells, based on a given criteria.

Sometimes you may need to use only certain values inside a range in a summation, based on a defined condition. Using Microsoft Excel 2003, this can be calculated with the SUMIF function.

The SUMIF function can also use another range of cells to determine whether or not the condition is met.

The syntax for the SUMIF function is:

range is the range of cells you want to evaluate (apply the criteria against).
criteria is the criterion you want to meet to evaluate the number.
sum_range are the numbers you want to actually sum.

To use the SUMIF function (example)

  • Create a worksheet as shown below:

    excel worksheet

    Now, we will use this worksheet to calculate the Smith’s total sales.

  • Click on the cell B10, the cell that will displays the result.
  • From the Insert menu, click on Function.

    Insert Function - SUMIF

  • From the Insert Function dialog box displayed, under the Search for a function: box, type in sumif and click the Go button.
  • In the Select a function: box, make sure you select the SUMIF and click OK.
  • From the Function Arguments dialog box displayed, do the followings:
    Range: Select or type in A2:A8 as we want to evaluate within this ranges that contains the name Smith’s.
    Criteria: Type in Smith.
    Sum_range: Select or type in B2: B8 as this is the ranges that we want to add up the total sales by Smith’s.

    SUMIF Function Arguments

  • Click OK. This produces the result 85450. That is 35200+22100+28150.

    Note: To find the sum of the sales that exceed 30000, use this function:

    SUMIF Function Arguments

    This produces the result 100700 (35200+22100+28150).

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