"Receiving and Reading Outlook Mail Messages"

How to receive outlook mail messages?

Well, all incoming mail messages are automatically stored in the user's Inbox folder, making it easier for the user to find incoming mail.

When the contents of the Inbox folder is displayed in the View Pane, column headings display informing the user of any messages that have been received. The column headings display the sender, subject details and the date and time the message was received.

By default, Outlook automatically applies the Messages with AutoPreview to the Inbox. This view allows the user to see the first three lines of a message without having to physically open it.

You can get Outlook to notify you in different ways when new messages arrive.

To notify when new messages arrive

  • From the Tools menu, click on Options.
  • Click the Preferences tab, and then click E-Mail Options.
  • Click Advanced E-Mail Options and in the 'When new items arrive section' select:
    - Play a sound.
    - Briefly change the mouse cursor.
    - Show an envelope icon in the notification area
    - Display a New Mail Desktop Alert (as shown below).

New Mail Desktop Alert

  • Any unread messages are displayed in bold in the View Pane. When a message is opened, it is displayed in the Message form allowing the user to view the previous or next message in the listing without going back to the Inbox.

To open a mail message

  • In the Navigation Pane, choose Inbox.
  • All messages received are displayed in the right hand side of the window in the View Pane.

Mail Message - Inbox

  • Messages are automatically grouped under day and week headings to make it easier to find them. You can click the + and - signs to expand and collapse the groups to show and hide the messages in them.
  • Double-click on the required message in the list. The Message form opens, displaying the selected message.

Outlook Mail Message

Moving between messages

In the Message form, it is possible to view any previous messages or messages that follow the current message without having to return to the View Pane.

To view the previous message

  • In the Message form, click the previous message icon from the View Pane displays.

To view the next message

  • In the Message form, click the next message icon from the View Pane displays. You can click the down arrows next to the Next and Previous buttons to browse by different attributes of messages.

Select Names dialog box

To close the message form

  • From the File menu, click Close OR
  • Click the Close icon or press the Esc key on the keyboard.

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