"Protect Excel Worksheet with the Password"

How to protect Excel worksheet? Do you know it? Well, if you share your worksheets with others, you may need it.

This is to avoid the worksheet being change by others, while they still can view or print it. You also can lock certain areas in the worksheet so you do not inadvertently make changes.

By default, when you lock a worksheet, Excel locks every cell in the worksheet, and the formulas are visible to anyone who uses the worksheet. You can specify the cells that remain unlocked, and you can hide formulas.

The following steps will guide you on how to lock cells and protect the worksheet with password.

To locked or unlocked selected cells in the worksheet

  • Click and drag to select the cells you want to remain unlocked or whose formulas you want to hide.
  • From the Home tab, in the Cells group, click the Format icon.

Excel 2007 format cells

  • From the menu appears, click the Format Cells.
  • From the Format Cells dialog box displayed, click the Protection tab.
  • Excel 2007 format cells dialog box

    Selecting Locked enables you to lock the selected cells, and deselecting Locked enables you to leave the selected cells unlocked.
    Select Hidden if you want to hide your formulas.

  • Click OK.

Note: Locking cells or hiding formulas has no effects until you protect the worksheet.

To protect Excel worksheet with password

  • From the Home tab, in the Cells group, click the Format icon.
  • From the menu appears, click the Protect Sheet.
  • Excel 2007 protect sheet dialog box

  • From the Protect Sheet dialog box displayed, enter a password in the Password to unprotect sheet: text box.
  • Check the options that you want to allow the users to perform.
  • Click OK.
  • From the Confirm Password dialog box displayed, reenter the same password again.
  • Click OK. Excel locks the cells in your worksheet and hides the formulas in the selected cells.

To protect a workbook

  • From the Review tab, in the Changes group, click Protect Workbook icon, and then click Protect Structure and Windows.
  • Excel 2007 protect structure and windows

  • From the Protect Structure and Windows dialog box displayed, you have two options:

  • Structure - protect your workbook from the moving, addition, and deletion of worksheets.
    Windows - protect your workbook from changes in the size and position of windows.
    Password (optional): require a password to remove these protections.

  • Click OK.

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