"PowerPoint Tutorials - Your Ultimate Guide to Create an Eye-Catching Presentation with PowerPoint 2003."

What is Microsoft PowerPoint? …and do you need PowerPoint tutorials that can help you learn the program faster?

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is one of the most powerful tool for communicating ideas and information.

It allows you to place your content into a series of "slides" which can then be projected (using projector) for your audiences, printed and distributed as handouts, or published online using different file formats.

Nowadays, this popular presentation program is being widely used by business people, educators, students, MLM consultants and trainers. It is among the most prevalent forms of persuasion technology.

Why so many people using it?

Simple. It’s easy to use and effective.

You can use PowerPoint to transfer your ideas to the others effectively. I believe you attended seminar at hotel, classes at school or community service before…hah, maybe you never notice the presentation slides use by the presenter are created using Microsoft PowerPoint.

So, it’s not difficult if you know how to use the rich features of PowerPoint to lead you to the point. Bear in mind, create a presentation is easy but to produce an eye-catching presentation slides is not that simple. What you need is…

The PowerPoint Tutorials Here Show You HOW TO Master The PowerPoint RICH Features !

Here we go…

First, PowerPoint tutorials here get you familiar with all the different types of layouts, design templates and AutoContent wizard.

I believe you also agree that ‘A picture worth thousand words’. So it is important to choose a proper slide background and adding suitable images to the slide based on the particular topic.

Design templates are file with predefined slide background. So once you start a slide, the background is shaded with the colorful pattern depend to the type of template that you choose. Sound easy? Yes, just start putting your content to the slide.

The AutoContent wizard feature in PowerPoint is easier than the design template. With design template, you need to think of the content for your slides. If you use the AutoContent wizard, there is a guide for the slide content and you just need to modify it based on your needs. It helps you in creating an informative content.

These features can make your life much easier when creating the presentation slides. But if you wish to create good slides, it’s not just putting up all the text and images. You can learn more skills from the PowerPoint tutorials help below.

Now, if you wish to create…

Professional Presentation…What to Consider Next?

Besides choosing the suitable background, you also need to consider the following:

  • Don’t forget the necessary elements in a presentation!
  • You can play around with the fonts! Font types, size, color, etc…
  • How about the space, lines of text in a slide? Use bullet or what?
  • Correct graphics can add more credits to your presentation!

This is the factors that affect credibility of your presentation slides.

Does this sound difficult for you? Don’t worry, PowerPoint tutorials training here will take care of you! Just follow the steps. And…

Now, you are on the correct path in creating a real professional presentation. But to add more value to your presentation, it’s…

"Even Better to Add the Animations and Sound effects…"

Yes, this is the tactic you can get away from boring presentation slides. Warning! The correct use of animations and sound effects can add credit to your presentation but improper use of it can destroy your presentation entirely!

Have you attended a presentation whereby all the text and objects are static? And do not have any other effects? Why? Is that PowerPoint so difficult to use?

Definitely Not. I will show you how to create a ‘live’ presentation that can shock the audiences. Again, you can learn it free from the PowerPoint tutorials below.

PowerPoint also a multimedia application, meaning that you can add text, various types of images, sound and video clips to your presentation to help engage your audience.

Now, creating fantastic presentation slides is at your fingertip. What is next?You need to present or deliver it to the audiences or potential customers. This comes to what we called effective presentation.

How to…Make Your Audiences Feel Satisfy, Worth and Praise You with Your Presentation?

I am not just covers on creating eye-catching presentation slides but it’s more…including the tips on effective presentation. This is critical as you also need to know how to deliver the contents of your presentation successfully.

Do you know that your presentation slides are:

  • A ‘tool’ that contains the brief contents of your entire message.
  • Pls…Do not read word by word from the slide.
  • Use simple language to explain and supported with concise facts or diagrams.

Then…what you need to aware when deliver the presentation?

1) YOU – what you should do before, during and after the presentation?

2) Body language! Why so important?

3) What you need to be sensitive with the slide text appearance?

4) Why time allocation is so critical?

5) Do not look down this…environment control.

You must aware and alert of every aspect above during the presentation. What else? Of course you can get some ideas with the help of the PowerPoint tutorials here!

Please Spend Some Time To Explore The Topics below…

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial Links

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Topic 1: Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Topic 2: Start with the PowerPoint 2003 Task Pane

Topic 3: The PowerPoint Toolbars and Managing Slides

Topic 4: Working with Design template and AutoContent Wizard

Topic 5: Formatting and Editing Slides to make it Nicer!

Topic 6: Drawings and Pictures in PowerPoint

Topic 7: Make your own PowerPoint template!

Topic 8: PowerPoint Slide Design - the Color and Animation Schemes

Topic 9: PowerPoint Slide Show

Topic 10: How to Print your Presentation Slides?

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Topic 11: Presentation tips - What you needs to prepare?

Topic 12: How PowerPoint Help Feature Can Solve Your PowerPoint Problem?

Topic 13: Discover the PowerPoint Slide Master Feature!

Topic 14: 10-Step to PowerPoint Presentation Planning

Topic 15: How to use PowerPoint 'Package for CD' ?

Topic 16: Changing the PowerPoint AutoRecover Interval

Topic 17: How to Add Slide from other PowerPoint Presentations?

Topic 18: Discover the PowerPoint 2003 Slide Transitions Effects!

Topic 19: Use Slide Show Timing and Annotations to Control Your Presentation Easily

Topic 20: Discover the PowerPoint Hidden Slides Feature! Use It Wisely!

Topic 21: Why PowerPoint 2003 Custom Animations Effects are So Attractive?

In conclusion, professionally designed presentation obviously not only can grab the audiences’ attention, you as a presenter also will be proud and confidence with your well-done job. This is what you can aspect and achieve in the PowerPoint tutorials training here.

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