PowerPoint Slide Master - What you can do with it?

What is PowerPoint Slide Master?

Slide Masters are basically templates that are used to create a new presentation. You can use the existing PowerPoint templates or create new ones.

The PowerPoint slide master contains text placeholders and placeholders for footers, such as the date, time, and slide number. When you want to make a global change to the look of your slides, you don't have to change each slide individually. Just make the change once on the slide master, and PowerPoint automatically updates the existing slides and applies the changes to any new slides you add.

To create a new presentation template file (Slide Master)

  • From the File menu, click New. This will display the New Presentation pane on the right hand side of the screen.

    New presentation pane

  • Click on the From design template link. This will displayed a list of design templates.
  • Select any one of the template to create your own presentation template. For example, choose the Firework.pot template.
  • From the View menu, point to Master and click on Slide Master. The following slide will be displayed.

    powerpoint slide master

  • You are now working on the underlying slide master for the presentation. You can use the drag and drop method to move items around the page.
  • You can add new items such as Clip Art, graphics, company logo, etc to the slide.
  • When you have finished your customization, click on the File menu and choose Save As command.
  • In the File name: box, enter a name for the new template.
  • In the Save as type: box, click on the drop down menu and select Design Template (*.pot) .
  • Click on the Save button and close the file.
  • To create a presentation based on the new template, click on the File menu and select New command. Your new template will normally be displayed in the Recently Used section of the Slide Design pane.

    To insert the slide header and footer

  • From the View menu, point to Master and click on Slide Master.
  • From the View menu again, click Header and Footer to display the header and footer dialog box.

    header and footer

  • To insert the date and time, tick on the Date and time check box. You can decide that this is entered as a fixed date or one that updates each time you print the presentation.
  • To insert the slide number, tick on the Slide number check box.
  • To insert the footer, tick the Footer option and enter the required text.
  • To disable the display of information on the title page, tick the Don’t show on title slide check box.
  • Click on the Apply to All button.

    To make a slide different from the slide master

  • Display the slide you want to change on the screen. Make changes to the font, color, background, etc as required.
  • Any changes made to an individual slide will not be reflected on any other slides, or Master Slide.

    To reapply the slide master formats to the slide

  • Display the slide where you want to reapply the PowerPoint Slide Master formatting.
  • From the Format menu, click Slide Layout.
  • Click Reapply. The text and placeholders on the slide revert to the Slide Master format.

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