PowerPoint Slide Design

The PowerPoint Slide Design Pane offers three easy ways to make your presentation look professional, colorful, and interesting: Design Templates, Color Schemes, and Animation Schemes.

To Display the Slide Design Pane

  • Click the Slide Design icon on the Formatting toolbar
    OR From the Format menu, click Slide Design.

    1) PowerPoint Slide Design - Design Templates

    Design Templates offer a quick and easy way to provide an attractive and interesting background to your presentation. For more information about the design templates, click here.

    2) PowerPoint Slide Design - Color Schemes

    Color Schemes quickly add to or change the colors of your slides including the background, title text, body text, fills, shadows, and hyperlinks.

    A default color scheme is applied to your slides when you select a Design Template. Each Design Template includes additional Color Schemes you can use.

    To apply a Color Scheme to One Slide

  • Open the PowerPoint slide where you want to apply the Color Scheme.
  • Click the down arrow next to the Color Scheme you want.
  • Click Apply to Selected Slides.

    PowerPoint Color Schemes

    Note: If you wish to apply the color scheme to all slides, click Apply to All Slides.

    To customize Color Schemes

  • At the bottom of the Slide Design – Color Schemes Task Pane, click Edit Color Schemes…
  • This will open the Edit Color Scheme dialog box.

    PowerPoint - Customize Color Schemes

  • Click on the element you want to customize (e.g. Background, Title text, etc) and click Change Color… button.
  • Select a color and click OK.
  • When you have completed customizing your colors, click Apply button.

    3) PowerPoint Slide Design - Animation Schemes

    Preset Animation Schemes make it easy to animate your slide show. Animations are divided into subtle, moderate, and exciting schemes, and generally apply animations to titles, bulleted lists, and paragraphs.

    To apply an Animation Scheme to One Slide

  • Open the PowerPoint slide where you want to apply the Animation scheme.
  • Open the Slide Design – Animation Schemes Task Pane, and select the animation you want.

    PowerPoint Animation Schemes

  • The animation will automatically be applied to the current slide.

    To apply an Animation Scheme to All Slides

  • Select the animation you want.
  • Click on the Apply to All Slides button at the bottom of the Slide Design – Animation Schemes Task Pane.

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