"PowerPoint Shortcut Keys: Top 26 Powerful Shortcut Keys for Running a Slide Show"

Do you know the power of the PowerPoint shortcut keys? Lets discover it!

Well, most presenters still stick with the mouse when giving their presentations, but why not you start utilizing the keyboard shortcuts with little effort.

PowerPoint provides the shortcut keys for running a slide show, you can control the presentation faster and more easily, which gives a more professional appearance to your presentation.

1.) Start a slide show

2.) Start a slide show from the current slide

3.) End the slide show
[Esc], [Ctrl]+[Break], [-] on the numeric keypad

4.) Display the next animation or the next slide
[N], [Enter], [Spacebar], [↓], [→], [PageDown]

5.) Display the previous animation or the previous slide
[P], [Backspace], [↑], [←], [PageUp]

6.) Display the All Slides dialog box

7.) Display the slide identified by the number
+[Enter] For example, press [8] + [Enter] to display slide 8 in the presentation.

8.) Toggle a black screen
[B], [.] Press [B] or [.] to display a black screen in place of the current slide. Press [B] or [.] again to display the slide again.

9.) Toggle a white screen
[W], [,] Press [W] or [,] to display a white screen in place of the current slide. Press [W] or [,] again to display the slide again.

10.) Stop or restart an automatic slide show
[S], [+]

11.) Change the pointer to a pen

12.) Change the pen back to the pointer

13.) Toggle the display of ink markup

14.) Change the pointer to the eraser

15.) Erase all on-screen annotations

16.) Display the next hidden slide

17.) Apply new timings while rehearsing

18.) Use your original timings while rehearsing

19.) Toggle to using the mouse to advance while rehearsing

20.) Return to the first slide
[Press both mouse buttons for 5 seconds] This isn't a keyboard shortcut, but it's well worth knowing as the quickest way to return to the first slide in the presentation.

21.) Toggle hiding the pointer

22.) Hide the pointer and button

23.) Hide the pointer arrow for 15 seconds

24.) Display the shortcut menu
[Shift]+[F10] (or right-click)

25.) Display the Windows taskbar

26.) Display the Slide Show Help dialog box

With these 26 PowerPoint shortcut keys, I hope you can spend a little time to practices it and put it in action. Then, you can feel like how professional you are when giving presentations. For more PowerPoint shortcut keys, visit the links below:

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