PowerPoint 2003 Package for CD Feature

The new PowerPoint Package for CD feature is introduced in PowerPoint 2003 which replaces the earlier version of Pack and Go.

It allows users to prepare a presentation for distribution and run on a computer that does not have PowerPoint installed. The feature allows you to write your files to a folder on your computer hard disk or copy to a CD.

To use the PowerPoint Package for CD

  • Open the presentation that you want to package. If you are working with a new presentation, it is recommended that you save the presentation first.
  • Insert a blank CD/CD-RW disc into the CD drive.
  • From the File menu, click the Package for CD.

    PowerPoint Package for CD

  • From the Package for CD dialog box displayed, in the Name the CD: column, give a name for the CD.
  • If you are writing your files to a folder, Package for CD will use the name you enter as the name of the folder your files are written to.
  • The Add Files button allows you to add more presentations or other files to your archive. You need to browse the files you would like to include and click the Add button.
  • Click the Options button will display the dialog box.

    Package for CD Options

    PowerPoint Viewer: Select it will allow you to run PowerPoint presentation on computers that do not have the PowerPoint installed.
    Select how presentations will play in the viewer: To prevent presentations from playing automatically, or to specify a different automatic play option.
    Embedded TrueType fonts: Select it to include TrueType fonts.
    Help protect the PowerPoint files: To require a password to open or edit all packaged presentations, enter the password that you want to use.

  • Click OK to close the Options dialog box.
  • Click Copy to CD button. Your files will be written to the CD.

    Note: If you are using Windows 2000, you must first write your files to a folder. From the folder, you can copy the Package for CD archive to a CD.

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