PowerPoint Design and AutoContent Wizard

PowerPoint design template contains color schemes, slide and title masters with custom formatting and styled fonts, all designed to create a particular look.

After you apply a PowerPoint design template, each slide you add has the same outlook. You can use the New Presentation Pane to create a new presentation from a design template.

To create a new presentation from a design template

  • Click the From design template in the New Presentation Pane.

    PowerPoint New presentation pane

  • Immediately you will see design templates available below the pane. For example, if click on Mountain Top template, you will see the slide as follow:

    PowerPoint Mountain Top template

  • The background of the slide is included and you just need to insert the text as you wish.

    Looking for free PowerPoint design templates, click here.

    PowerPoint AutoContent Wizard

    The AutoContent Wizard allows you to create a presentation based on suggested content and design. There provides the idea for your presentation so you just need to modify the suggested idea or you can add your own points.

    To create a new presentation using the AutoContent Wizard

  • Click the From AutoContent Wizard… in the New Presentation Pane.
  • From the AutoContent Wizard dialog box displayed, click Next to continue.

    PowerPoint AutoContent wizard dialog box

  • You need to select a type of presentation that you wish to create. If you click on the All button, then you can use the scroll bar to move down the list and then select the type of presentation that you are interested in.
    Note: Some options displayed may not be installed on your system and you may ask to insert the Microsoft Office installation CD to install it before use.
  • Click Next button to continue.
  • The next step is to decide how you will use your presentation once it has been produced. By default, On-screen presentation was selected.
  • Click Next button to continue working through the Wizard.
  • You can enter a presentation title and footer.
  • Click on the Next button to continue.
  • Click Finish to complete the AutoContent Wizard.
  • From this point you need to open each slide and using the guidelines supplied, modify the content to meet your requirements and needs.

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