"PowerPoint Custom Animation Effects"

PowerPoint custom animation effects are the special visual or sound effect to text or an object. You can control how and when each individual object enters and exits, and you can even make objects dance around and make noise while they are just sitting there on the slide.

For example, you can have your text bullet points fly in from the left, one word at a time, or hear the sound of applause when a picture is uncovered. You can animate any number of objects on a slide, and you can even animate elements of a chart.

This kind of animation effects can dramatically increase the interest of the audiences and make your presentation more alive.

There are four types of animation effects possible on a slide, and each has a different color icon as follows:

  • Entrance (green): The item appears on the slide separately from the slide itself. Either it does not appear right away, or it appears in some unusual way (like flying in), or both.
  • Emphasis (yellow): An item that is already on the slide moves or changes in some way. For example, perhaps it spins around, grows, or changes color.
  • Exit (red): The item disappears from the slide before the slide itself disappears, and (optionally) it does so in some animated way.
  • Motion paths (gray): The item moves on the slide according to a preset path you specify, like a toy train running on a track you have designed.

Note: Entrance and exit effects usually involve some type of motion. Emphasis effects can involve motion but not necessarily; there are also emphasis effects for changing color, changing font, growing/shrinking, and so on.

To apply the PowerPoint custom animation effects to the objects

  • Select the slide that you wish to apply the PowerPoint custom animation.
  • From the Slide Show menu, select Custom Animation to display the Custom Animation pane in the right-hand side of the screen.
  • PowerPoint custom animation pane

  • Select the object in a slide i.e. text box, chart, clipart, etc that you wish to apply the animation effects.
  • Click the Add Effect drop-down button, a menu appears with the four types listed previously. Point to the one you want, and a submenu appears.
  • Choose a recently used effect from the submenu, or choose More Effects option to open a dialog box.
  • PowerPoint custom animation add effect

  • If you opened the dialog box, make your selection. A preview of the effect appears behind the dialog box. Then, click OK to apply it.
  • PowerPoint add effect dialog box

  • After applying the effect, use the Start: drop-down list at the Modify: section to set its start event (On Click, With Previous, or After Previous).
  • If there is a property or setting in the middle drop-down list in the task pane, set it. For example, for an entrance or exit effect, there may be a Direction: setting (Top, Bottom, horizontal, vertical and so on).
  • Open the Speed: drop-down list in the task pane and select the speed at which the animation should occur (Very Fast, Fast, Medium, and so on).
  • Test the animation by clicking the Play button at the bottom of the task pane, or click the Slide Show button there to preview it full-screen. (If you do the latter, press Esc to return to Normal view.)

To reorder PowerPoint custom animation effects

  • The animations effects that you applied are listed in the Custom Animation task pane.
  • To reorder them, drag-and-drop them up or down on the list, or use the Re-Order up/down arrow buttons at the bottom of the task pane.

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