"Revealed! The Risk-Free, Proven Guide For You To Become A Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Pro!"

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From the desk of Wong Hing
Author, "The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007"

Dear Fellow PowerPoint User,

Are you looking for the perfect reference book's that can lead you in the learning process towards mastering the PowerPoint 2007 program?

If you're still doubt or becoming frustrated in the search for your 'ideal guide' or whether you can master the programs, this is the perfect solution for you.


The Ultimate Guide To PowerPoint 2007

The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007

Secrets to Unlock Your PowerPoint Potentials

Imagine... being able to master your Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 skills in shortest time at your own pace!

If you want to clearly see the pathway to successfully learn and master the program, then this could be the most eye-opening letter you will ever read, so you need to listen up.

I'm going to show you exactly how, you also can master the Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 program at your own pace and convenience with the proven system!

You will be lead and guide step-by-step to achieve that. So there is no reason for anybody to fail if you follow the steps closely.

So this is the way to go…

"The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007
makes it possible for Y-O-U
to learn and master the program!"

The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007 book contains everything you need to start learns and masters the program.

This unique and easy to learn e-book contained...the complete step-by-step guide to Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.

The book shows you clearly, exactly, and absolutely everything, inside out and upside down. It revealed the full secrets behind the Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 program.

With this, it scales you up to full-professional level quite quickly. It may seem like a mystery for you to know. But I’ll demystify the whole thing, one simple step at a time. Do you believe that you also can make it?

Yes, you really can do it ... once you get jump-start with the course. It's rather like learning to drive a car ... Once you understand the essential controls you can drive any car you choose, and go anywhere you want ... On your own!

People of all ages, genders, and nationalities regardless of educational ability or technical expertise can benefits from this course.

Upon completing the book, you are no longer called 'computer newbie'. You can apply those knowledge gains in your daily related tasks and make your life easier.

Best of all, and even more importantly…

"You Don’t Need Any Computer Skills"

IF...you think you are...
Limited computer skills? Or even no experience at all newbie?

No problem!

The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! is written specifically to cater new PC users to the advanced in the point-form, step-by-step approach. So…

Once you get the e-book, just point and click, follow the step-by-step instructions. It is the entry-point for you to start learning and master your PowerPoint 2007 skills.

It's a whole new picture-driven, step-by-step learning process that's far, far easier to read than other similar manual you find anywhere else. This course is suitable for every computer users in spite of your skills level.


  • No 'Techie-Talk'
  • No PowerPoint knowledge required to get started.
  • No boringly complicated and mystifying lingo.
  • No painfully tedious instructions that talk you down and leave you stranded.
  • No timetable constraint that fully controls your learning process.

If you have some computer knowledge, you have advantage in learning the course. You can master it faster. It's so effective, even experienced computer users are bowled over by it.

So, you can realize that the learning process can be fun.

"You Will Never Get Technical"

The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! Does Not Have To Be Complicated.

Let’s make one thing clear --- We are NOT technical people. If you want to follow the course, you also NOT NEED to be a technical people. I speak English, just like you, and I like to keep things as simple as possible.

I’m busy people, like you. Trust me, I understand that you don’t have tons of time to dedicate to keep trying the course by simply trial and error. So, I have done all possible mistakes make by new user and customize a book – The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007!.

This 239-page e-book is professionally written in plain English. With this book, you can cover almost all of the features available in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 program.

It does all for you. Motivation is the only ingredient required, as you need to keep going…reads and practices it until finish the entire book.

While The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! can lead you to master the course, please remember…you, after all needs to dedicate yourself along the way throughout the learning process.

Then, you may think...

What’s So Different About This Book?

The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! is a BIG detailed learning course of ...

  • 239 pages contents, containing a massive library of ...
  • 228 screen captures from the program. Added with...
  • Complete earlier versions of PowerPoint course manual, exercises, and tips.

The book is designed...
Specifically for PowerPoint users like you!

Let me emphasize that The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! covers far more than finding the subject. It's the entry point course book to help you become a true Microsoft Office PowerPoint guru.

The entire book supports you with a robust, step-by-step, "yes-we've-thought-of-everything" approach to make you master the Office PowerPoint 2007 program.

So this winning formula definitely can save lots of your time. You will have more time for yourself to do anything that you like - at the same time, you can master the program at your own pace.

This definitely can increase your personal confidence and productivity. With your competency, people will respect and appreciate you more! You will feel a terrific sense of achievement.

Not only that...

One very good advantage about the book is that you can learn it at anytime, anywhere at your own pace. But it’s the fact that 20 minutes a day takes longer time to complete compare with 1 hour a day.

So, how long you want to complete the course is entirely on you. Generally, it could be within a month to few months time.

The important thing here is you can learn the programs at your own speed and at your own convenience without being restricted to a class schedule. It’s very flexible for you and you can control your time easily.

For your handiness, The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! is in downloadable PDF format, so that you can get started at any time and without worrying about transportation to a classroom or shipping costs.

So What Does 'The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007!' Cover, Exactly?

Still not sure whether The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! can really show you how to master the PowerPoint 2007 program?

Just take a look at the Massive Table of Contents for yourself!

Right-click here to download the Table of Contents.

If you read the Table of Contents carefully, you can see the values of this e-book. I put up a simple summary here if you finish the e-book…

The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! - Step-by-step let you…

"Discover how to develop An Effective, Eye-Catching Presentation. It allows you to organize, illustrate, and present your ideas with impact and multimedia effects!"

Effective here pointed to several words, including: lively, competent, telling, and practical!

Using those four descriptors as an evaluation, then ask yourself:

  • How many times have you seen an effective presentation?
  • How many times have you presented an effective presentation?

Whatever your answer, this 239-page e-book going to guide you step-by-step from ground up, without miss out any important features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Well, I’m truly confident that the The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! can deliver what you want, what you expect from the course originally...to master the course!

So, do you WANT to be the next one to master the course?

Of course you do.

But Before That - Great Bonuses Are Awaiting You!

To add some more ingredients to the cake, here’s how I polish you to become a real Microsoft PowerPoint expert!

If you are not confident in using the old versions of PowerPoint – 2000, XP or 2003, then here are some great supplements…

You’re getting the SUPER FREE BONUSES to make your dream of becoming Microsoft Office Pro even faster without having to incur all the mistakes everybody else makes when they’re starting off.

The 3 fast action bonuses for YOU including…

Free Bonus #1:
Mastering PowerPoint for Office 2003, XP and 2000 e-book ($19.95 value)

This e-book is the complete PowerPoint guide that is suitable for PowerPoint version 2003, XP and 2000. If you’re still using the earlier version of PowerPoint, this is the complete manual for you.

Free! If you get a copy of The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007!
(Buy 1 Free 1! )

If you seriously plan on switching to the latest version of PowerPoint 2007 and discovering the rich features of PowerPoint 2007, then this is the golden opportunity for you!

Even if you are not very good using existing version of PowerPoint, you must take this opportunity to get this free bonus to master your skills. This manual definitely fits your needs.


Well, sooner or later you will need to upgrade to PowerPoint 2007. When you do, you still can use the complete manual - The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007!

So, take advantage of it while it’s free for you!

Free Bonus #2:
Mastering Micosoft PowerPoint - Exercise Pack ($14.95 value)

I believe the best way to master Microsoft PowerPoint is through real practice experience. You need to experience it, do it, and apply it!

What is so different about this Exercise Pack?

  • No fill-in-the-blanks!
  • No objective questions!
  • Few subjective questions to test your concept of understanding.
  • Focus on real, practical questions.

The major goal of this exercise pack is to put you in a world-class, real practice lesson where you can use the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) method in order to get the end answers.

More practice and more skills help you master the course faster!

Some of the exercise questions are complete with answers so you can determine your ability and skill level.

Free Bonus #3:
Microsoft Office PowerPoint – Tips and Tricks ($9.95 value)

This small booklet gives you dozens of valuable Microsoft PowerPoint tips and tricks that are hard to discover - yes, you get to leapfrog to the front of the class!

It’s a collection of tips, tricks, hints and techniques that are packed together in a booklet to reveal the top secrets behind the Microsoft PowerPoint program.

Some of the special tips are not highlighted in the course manual. So, when you read through, you will discover more secrets of these program abilities; explore other options and ultimately, realize the power of using the PowerPoint program. The best thing is that this book is absolutely free with the purchase of The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007!

You can get the e-books with zero cost! What more can you expect when everything is already lined up for you?

Finally, What YOU Can Own…

I would say owning The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! is just like having your own personal Microsoft Office PowerPoint portable coach in your computer.

It lead you every single step along the way to make you no reason to say you can’t master the course.

By the time you’ve finished, here are the skills you can own…

  • Create, save, run, and print a PowerPoint presentation slides easily
  • Create powerful presentations faster using ready-made templates and Smart Tags
  • Organize information and add impact with clip art, SmartArt diagrams, tables, and charts
  • Make your presentation come alive with pictures, sound, video, animated effects, 3-D effects and controls (buttons and links) to your slides
  • Discover how to incorporate text, spreadsheets, and animations created in other programs
  • Building other presentation types including a self-running kiosk and a web and CD/DVD presentations
  • and lots more...

Let me conclude in one simple sentence as the detailed can be view from the Table of Contents above.

"So called the Bible of PowerPoint 2007 can multiply your skills to make you able to create professional, eye-popping, and yes, awesome presentation that gets your audiences salute you!"

This is the REAL THING, no mistake and you can achieve it. And you can master the course because of it.

Well, this is...

The Ultimate Guide to Learn PowerPoint 2007!

A Must-Have For Every PowerPoint User!

Great If You're Thinking About An Upgrade Too!

Stop The PowerPoint Frustrations!

Best Price EVER Too!! Why?

"You Don't Even Begin To Worry About The Price..."

You probably still have the following thoughts:

"This manual has to cost an arm and a leg!"

While there is good reason to think that, it's absolutely not true. Surely, there are expensive courses out there promising you the world. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The good news about The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007 is that it will deliver extremely high-quality information to you at an absolute bargain!

If you act today, you will get the full The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! e-book for a single payment of $19.97.

That’s right, just $19.97. You get the e-book plus all the bonuses… This is the key that can catapult you from the newbie to accomplished PowerPoint veteran at a stroke.

The PowerPoint skills you gain as a result of these proven e-books can easily pay you back hundreds (probably thousands) times your meager investment.

This definitely is a very affordable price to start and master the Microsoft Office PowerPoint program compared to other costly instructional manuals.

Furthermore, the cost of The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! is a mere fraction of what you would pay for a similar course at a college, part-time community class, or conference workshop. You won’t have to make financial sacrifices to learn the program.

Your investment in this low cost, invaluable book can literally transform your everyday use of PowerPoint. So you can either choose to stay as you are now or you can make your life easier and more enjoyable with new PowerPoint skills at hand…forever!

So, let me wrap it up nicely for you with an unbeatable guarantee.

Yes, it's 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee…

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get a copy of The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! NOW and check it out for a full 30-day period. It’s totally RISK FREE!


If within 30 days, and for any reason whatsoever, you feel that the e-book is not for you, just let me know and you will get a full refund. No questions asked! The book is yours to keep - you won’t even have to return it!

That means you can’t lose no matter what!

So you see, with the total confidence of my cast-iron guarantee and backed with highly professional support, I have gone to great lengths to ensure your success.

You are also in total control. Why wait any longer when you can try it risk-free NOW?

"Decide NOW And Master Your Yes, it's Skills!"

Why should you decide right NOW?

This special low price on the product is offered for a limited time. I intend to increase the price to more accurately reflect the actual value of this e-book!

Also, this e-book is loaded with benefits and is easily available to you NOW.

And more importantly...Nothing will change if you don’t take the first step to make things change for you.

So…Are you serious? I mean really serious about realizing your dream of mastering Microsoft Office PowerPoint?

If you are, then get your hands on "The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007!" Now!

Right NOW!

Not later. Not tomorrow. Not someday else…

You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In These
Proven, Hands-on, Risk-Free Way
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You will be downloading and reading the e-book and incredible bonuses within just a few minutes... and using it to boost your PowerPoint skills, build personal credibility and create more wealth for you!

To your success,

Wong Hing

P.S. Just think! With a copy of The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2007! you’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of completing PowerPoint related tasks yourself. And you have nothing to lose as you can take a Full 90-day to decide! Remember…the 100% Money-back satisfaction guarantee turns your purchase into "no risk trial".

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