The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2003 Book (Training Manual)

The Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint 2003 book or training manual can be used as a reference guide for you to discover the important features of PowerPoint. It is divided into chapters, as listed below.

Among the topics that you can learn included getting started to PowerPoint 2003; Creating a Presentation; Formatting a Presentation; Drawing and pictures in PowerPoint; Tables and Charts; Slide Masters and Templates; Slide Transition and Animation Effects; and Organising and Delivering Presentations.


About This Manual

Chapter 1: The Basics
What Is Powerpoint?
Launching Powerpoint
The Powerpoint Screen
Task Pane
Using Help

Chapter 2: Creating A Presentation
Creating Presentations
Adding New Slides
Entering And Editing Text
Multi-Level Bullets
Editing Text
Changing The Slide Layout
Adding Free Form Text
Saving A Presentation

Chapter 3: Formatting A Presentation
Selecting Placeholders And Text
Formatting Text
Formatting Backgrounds
Formatting Numbered And Bulleted Lists
Master Slides
The Format Painter
Changing Case
Smart Tags

Chapter 4: Powerpoint Views
Different Ways To View Slides
The Normal (Tri Pane) View
Slide Sorter View
Slide Show View
Using Outline View To Enter Text
Creating Slides In Outline View
The Outlining Toolbar
Expand Or Collapse Text
Decrease Or Increase Text Indents In An Outline
Importing Text Stored In Other Formats
Creating A Summary Slide

Chapter 6: Working With Slide Sorter View
Using Slide Sorter View
Moving & Copying Slides Within The Same Presentation
Moving And Copying Between Presentations

Chapter 7: Drawing & Manipulating Objects
Selecting Objects
Formatting Objects Using The Menu
Formatting Objects Using The Toolbar
Resizing Objects
Moving Objects
Copying Objects
Working With Guides
Working With The Visible Grid
Aligning And Distributing Objects
Rotating/ Flipping Objects
Ordering (Stacking) Objects
Grouping Objects
Inserting Text Within An Object
Formatting Object Text

Chapter 8: Working With Clip Art
Inserting Clip Art
Resizing And Moving Objects
Re-Colouring Clip Art
Ungrouping Clip Art
Cropping Clip Art
Using Image Settings

Chapter 9: Tables
Working With Tables
Inserting A Table
Adding New Columns And Rows
Resizing Columns And Rows
Resizing The Entire Table
Deleting Columns And Rows
Formatting Tables
Adding Shading
Formatting Table Text

Chapter 10: Charts
Inserting A Chart
Editing A Chart
Editing The Datasheet
Adding Chart Items
Changing Chart Type
Formatting Chart Elements

Chapter 11: Organization Charts
Organization Charts
Formatting The Organization Chart
Formatting Boxes And Lines
Changing Organization Chart Layout

Chapter 12: Slide Masters And Templates
Master Slides
The Title Master
Slide Colour Scheme
Slide Background
Headers And Footers

Chapter 13: Transition And Animation Effects
Animation Effects
Slide Transitions
Animating Text
Preset Animation Schemes
Animating Objects
Motion Paths

Chapter 14: Organising And Delivering Presentations
Running A Slide Show
Slide Timings
Custom Shows
Summary Slides

Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Drawing Toolbar
Picture Toolbar

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