"Exploring Microsoft Outlook 2003 Help Feature"

The Outlook 2003 Help feature offers several quick ways to get help when performing particular tasks. You can select from a list of topics provided by Help, or you can even type a help request in plain English, and Outlook will supply the answer using the Answer Wizard.

The Office Assistant

In Outlook 2003, you can use the Office Assistant to get help quickly by typing plain English questions or phrases.

The Office Assistant

To use the Office Assistant

  • From the Help menu, click Show the Office Assistant to turn the assistant on if it has not been turned on.
  • When the Assistant is turned on, you can quickly display the Assistant and its balloon by choosing "Help, Microsoft Outlook Help" from the menu bar, by clicking the Help toolbar button, or by pressing F1 on the keyboard.

The Office Assistant

  • Type a question or phrase and click the Search button.
  • Scroll through the topics, if necessary, by clicking on See More or See Previous, then click on the required topic. The help text will be displayed in the Help Window.

The Ask a Question Box

Microsoft Outlook 2003 provides a convenient new alternative to using the Office Assistant, Ask a Question Box.

To use the Ask a Question Box

  • You can get help by typing a question or phrase in to the Ask a Question Box that you will find in the upper-right corner of the application and then pressing Enter.

Ask a Question Box

  • If you want to repeat a question you have already typed during the current session, you can simply select the question from the drop-down list on the Ask a Question Box.

Ask a Question Box

The Help Window

The Help Window provides more options than either the Office Assistant or the Ask a Question Box. Here we cover this Outlook 2003 help feature.

To access the Help Window

  • Ensure that the Assistant is turned off and from the Help menu, choose Microsoft Office Outlook Help, or click the Help toolbar button, or press F1.

The Help Window

  • Click on the topic you want more information about to expand it into sub-topics.
  • Click on the sub-topic you are interested in to move to that specific page, on the right of the screen.

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