The Ultimate Guide to Outlook 2003 Book (Training Manual)

The Ultimate Guide to Outlook 2003 book or training manual can be used as a reference guide for you to discover the useful features in Outlook. It is divided into chapters, as you can see from the TOC below.

This manual covers all of the tools of Outlook 2003 that you need to know to use this information management application efficiently. These include performing activities and working with Email, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes features.


About This Manual

Chapter 1: Getting Started
What is Microsoft Outlook 2003?
Getting Started With Outlook 2003
The Outlook 2003 Screen
Viewing Information In Outlook
Outlook Shortcuts
Previewing Items
Reading Pane
Microsoft Outlook Help

Chapter 2: Mail Messages
Mail Messages
Composing Mail Messages
Receiving And Reading Mail Messages
Replying To And Forwarding Messages
E-Mail Accounts
Change An E-Mail Account Name

Chapter 3: Message Options
Message Options
Flagging Messages
Message Icons

Chapter 4: Organising Your Mail
Organising Mail Messages
Working With Folders
Moving Messages
Public Folders
Sorting Items
Finding Items
Filtering Items
Mailbox Cleanup
Out Of Office
Marking Messages As Read And Unread
Printing Messages
Recalling Sent Messages
Changing Column Headings

Chapter 5: Address Books & Contacts
Address Books And Contacts
Personal Distribution List

Chapter 6: Using The Calendar
The Calendar
Moving Between Dates
Scheduling Appointments
Booking Meetings
Group Schedules
Using The Taskpad
Using Categories
Calendar Colouring
Viewing The Calendar
Printing The Calendar
Customising The Appearance Of Calendar

Chapter 7: The Task List
The Tasks List
Marking Tasks As Complete
Assigning Tasks

Chapter 8 : Notes
Changing The View Of Notes
Changing Notes Defaults

Chapter 9: Sharing Folders
Sharing Folders
Delegate Access Permissions
Sharing Private Folders

Chapter 10: Defining Views
Define Views

Chapter 11: Routing Slips
Routing Slips
Review Tracked Changes And Comments

Chapter 12: Work Offline
Work Offline
Remote Mail
Offline Folders
Work Offline Using Exchange Server

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