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How I earn Money from this site? Revealing the secrets that everyone can use to earn extra money for yourself!

This is a serious question to consider: Have you ever think to turn your hobby or interest into a business? And earn you a handsome stream of income…

No matter your answer is Yes or No, I am going to tell you:

My Website Journey To Online Success

Maybe you also like me…How to build a website? Get a domain, upload the needed files or info, hassle related to the search engines, how my site can earn an income for me? And lots more questions in my mind…

But I am going to tell you how I also like you…the step-by-step process that transform me from a total newbie to developing a site that sell, earn you an income!

The first time I heard about Internet Marketing was in a public seminar. After that only I know there is a way to earn money through Internet.

I started researching online to see more in-depth information about the Internet Marketing. I started subscribing to the newsletter and get download lots of short ebooks or reports. Then, I start reading…

The more I read the more I get to know about Internet Marketing, a kind of excited. Until one day, I click a link in a book that bring me to a site that loaded with full of information and allows you to downloads few informative ebooks.

Let’s I tell you what is the site by clicking here.

Site Build It! – The Total Solutions to Online Success

I come to a site called sitesell.com. I read the entire site carefully not only one or two but three times. Click and read the page links, video listened, compare apples-to-apples.

And finally I decided to ‘invest’ in a package of product called Site Build It! (SBI!) .

Why SBI? Here is what I get originally from the site:

SBI! is Web hosting that works. It is the only all-in-one site- brainstorming -building-hosting-and-marketing step-by-step system of software tools that delivers thriving, profitable businesses.

Let’s see the advantages of SBI:

  • The whole SBI concept is designed to lead the user using step-by-step, easy-to-follow approach – from the beginning to the end – that needed to build a successful online business that sell.

  • You can compare SBI with other tools available to build a successful site, apple-to-apple. You will notice that SBI is the cheapest with trucks of all necessary tools lay down for you.

  • The great SBI support team and SBI 'Help and be help' Forum let you always get help when you need it.

Site Build It! – All-in-one Package to Build Your Profitable Website

If you are still doubt whether you really can make money from the Internet and how?

Let’s see what SBI cover:

  • Brainstorming – help you to find the profitable niche market
  • Domain registration – secure your website name
  • Site building – Using the online template and not required you to master the HTML coding
  • Web mail – you can send and receive e-mails
  • Web page analysis for search engine optimization
  • Major Search Engine (SE) submission, tracking and re-submission
  • Site statistics – let you know your web site ranking at major SE, how many visitors come to your site daily, etc
  • And lots more resources, free ebooks, tools, tips and techniques…
All the tools here already proven can help you build a profitable website if you truly follow the step-by-step guides, click here to see the proof by many SBIers.

When I come across SBI, I really check every angle of the available tools. Then, the proven results from the sites that using SBI really open my eyes.

Websites that build using SBI rank well. In fact, a lot of them rank within the top 1% of all the active sites on the web according to Alexa.com. Why?

C-T-P-M – A Super Great Concept to Know!


It’s very important to get the right concept in order to be successful. Let’s see what is the C-T-P-M process:

Content (C) : People surf net look for information, for solutions. So, give the super in-demand Content to them.

Traffic (T) : If you deliver valuable content, your site will rank high at the search engines, which attracting more visitors (Traffic) for you.

Presell (P) : How to build trust and confidence in you? Presell your visitors by over-delivering what they seek!

Monetize (M) : The effective C-T-P process will convert the willing-to-buy visitors into income (Monetize).

This is the actual process that really makes SBI differ from the rest as the results are proven.

The C-T-P-M process come with great invaluable tools are enough to convince me to give SBI a try (Actually, it’s 100% risk-free). I have been using SBI since August 2006.

The initial progress was slow since I lack of knowledge and I work only when I got a free time.

My 1st Dollar… How I Earn It?

Money…money…as in reality, this is very important.

After 10 months of works, I am happy that my site is about 90 pages now, with 4327 unique visitors last month (April ‘07).

I start earning a 3-figure income this month through Google Adsense. It is the ongoing income stream generated by the site that motivates me to keep moving on.

What is Google Adsense?
This is an easy monetization method as I allocate advertising space on some of my pages for Google to place in their ads. When visitors click on any of these ads, I earn money from Google.

Of course I will start other monetization methods to increase my income stream. These include:

  • Selling Own E-book – this will be my primary revenue in future. I am in the final stage creating the ebook now.
  • Affiliate Marketing – I provide content related to selected products. If a visitor clicks over from my site to my affiliate merchant to buy a product, I earn a sales commission
There are some other ways to monetize, what are you waiting for?

If I Can, I Bet YOU Also Can!

I believe everyone also can, all you need is to motivate yourself and keep working towards the right direction. Commit yourself and SBI take care of you.

Still not enough?

Here are few links that you can view to let you know more about the SBI:(Seriously, I really hope you can check up the links below thoroughly)

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