"Microsoft Office Web Apps - Access and Work With Your Office Documents From Virtually Anywhere"

Microsoft Office Web Apps are the free online companions to the Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote applications that you already use.

They enable you to access your documents from virtually anywhere, as well as share and work on documents with others online. They are entirely Web-based and available via Windows Live, so there's no additional software to download or install.

They can be used from virtually any computer whether or not it has Microsoft Office installed. What you need is a Windows Live ID, a Web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari) and an Internet connection.

1. Create and Edit documents from virtually anywhere

The Microsoft Word Web App, Excel Web App, PowerPoint Web App and OneNote Web App let you edit your documents in a Web browser when you're away from your office, home or school without compromising the high-quality viewing experience you're used to.

Microsoft Office web apps

2. Flexibly work across platforms

Office Web Apps support a wide range of browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari) and Office versions (2003, 2007, 2010 and Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac) so that users can be assured that they and the people they share with can access and work with their Office documents across platforms.

3. View documents online with high fidelity

View your documents online in the Web browser on your PC or Mac with the kind of clarity that is similar to what you get when viewing them on your desktop or laptop with the Office client software. Documents created with Office applications and viewed online with the Office Web Apps retain the formatting and data the author intended.

4. Simultaneously work with others

With co-authoring, you can edit papers and share ideas with other people in real time.(1) Excel Web App and OneNote Web App enable multiple people to edit the same document simultaneously from within the browser.

5. Easily Share documents

Easily share documents in password-protected folders and assign view-only or view-and-edit permissions to individuals or groups that you choose. You also may share with everyone so that no password is required to view documents that you specify.

6. Publish PowerPoint and excel data to third-party blogs and web sites

The Publish feature lets users embed your PowerPoint presentations or data from Excel, such as charts and tables, into blogs, wikis and third-party Web sites. When the content of those documents is changed, the embedded portions are automatically updated.

7. Get started quickly with the familiar office user interface

Office Web Apps have the familiar toolbar so that users can begin viewing and editing documents online with little training.

Office web apps user interface

8. Use Office Web Apps with Office 2010

Open and save your documents to SkyDrive directly from within select Office 2010 client applications on your computer (via Microsoft Office Backstage view).

Office web apps and Office 2010

9. Work between office and office web apps with confidence

Office Web Apps are built by the same people who build the Office software with the express goal that documents that are edited between the Office software and the Office Web Apps retain all of their formatting and data.

(1) Requires Windows Live account. Some of the co-authoring functionality will be available through Windows Live at a later date.

Note: This information is about pre-release software and therefore is subject to change. It is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

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