"Office 2010 Language Pack - Where to Download and How to Install or Remove the Office 2010 Language Packs?"

Microsoft Office 2010 Language Pack is very crucial for individuals who routinely create or edit Office documents in different languages.

This is because the Office 2010 language packs allow you change the language used for text in menus, dialog boxes and toolbars. It is similar to Windows Language Interface Packs if you are familiar with it.

Office 2010 language packs

There are several advantages of using it (as describes in the Microsoft website):

1. Create, edit, and proof documents in multiple languages

Office 2010 Language Packs proofing tools enable users to proof documents (such as checking spelling, grammar, etc) created in Microsoft Office 2010 programs in many different languages.

2. Collaborate effectively with multilingual partners

Your partners or customers can easily switch the display and dialog boxes for most of the Microsoft Office 2010 applications between different languages.

However, this feature is not supported by Word and Excel Starter 2010. The Access 2010 and Project 2010 are not supported in Hindi.

3. Get up-to-date help in your language

Office 2010 Language Packs enable users to read context-sensitive help in the language of their choice, and to connect directly with the Microsoft Office website in your market to view Help articles, demos, training, tips and tricks, and more pages of content that are continually updated.

4. Accessing templates from the MS Office website

Office 2010 Language Packs connect you to free Office templates in the language of your display. Office templates are easy to install, add prebuilt designs and business logic to your applications and documents, and help you to save time.

To download the Office 2010 Professional Plus Version

  • Microsoft Office 2010 RTM has been available for some time now. If you are not using it, you can download the Office 2010 and discover the rich features of the system.

To download the Office 2010 Language Pack

To install the Office 2010 Language Pack

  • Once downloaded, you can install it. For complete instructions on installing the Office 2010 language packs, read another article on how to install Office 2010 language pack.

To uninstall the Office 2010 Language Pack

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