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When you open the Microsoft Office 2007, you will notice the startling new look and feel of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.

The Menu bar being replace by ‘Quick Access Toolbar’. The menus in this toolbar also vary as it contains Home, Insert, Page Layout, View, etc.

All five Office applications replace most drop-down menus and toolbars with a context-sensitive "ribbon", an interactive strip across the top of the screen that displays the various functions relevant to the currently selected tab.

Those existing versions of Office users may feel inconvenience initially by the relocation of their favorite features, but to be honest you will be impress by how easy the ribbon makes accessing to the needed functions. Likewise, you'll be wowed by the live preview function, which lets them ‘see’ in advance how their document will look when they place the cursor over any of the ribbon's.

Another improvement is the inclusion of a View tab, whose ribbon provides single-click access to screen views (Web, outline, and others), split screens, multiple-page views, and instant switching between multiple open documents.

The 'Price' For That Upgrade…

With the ribbon's fast access features you will notice there is a more cramped work area. You can't resize the ribbon, although it disappears when you shrink the window beyond a preset size. Still, anyone working on a small monitor or notebook screens will want to think seriously about upgrade.

How about the programs compatibility with the previous versions of Office? Office-2007 used the XML file formats as the defaults in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It can open and work on files created in previous releases back to Office 97, and you also can create and save files in all existing Office formats.

However, to take full advantage of the smaller file sizes of Office 2007, you must use its new XML formats: .docx in Word, .xlsx in Excel, and .pptx in PowerPoint. In fact, saving files in older Office formats is not very convenience in the 'Save as' dialog box; instead, you must choose the appropriate formats from the ‘Save as type’ drop down menu.

Can you open an Office 2007 XML format file in an earlier version of Office applications? Probably No.

But mostly you'll be prompted to download a compatibility pack from Microsoft. Although the download prompt currently points to a Windows File Association page on Microsoft's site, the company promises that the pack will be available when the suite is released.

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