"Adding New Slide in PowerPoint 2007"

Slide is the foundation of a presentation. To create a presentation, you need to add new slide to your presentation.

You can use different methods to insert a new slide to a PowerPoint 2007 presentation. The following show you the methods that you can used.

A slide layout contains placeholders, such as text, chart, table, or SmartArt graphic, where you can enter text or insert elements.

When you create a new slide, you can apply a standard layout or a custom layout of your own design. You can also apply a layout to an existing slide at any time.

To create a new presentation

  • Open PowerPoint 2007.
  • Click the Office Button, then click New.
  • From the New Presentation dialog box displayed, select Blank Presentation.
  • Click Create button.

To enter title and subtitle

  • Click on "Click to add title" section of the slide and enter the slide title.
  • Click on "Click to add subtitle" section of the slide and enter the desired text.

To insert a new slide using the keyboard

  • Press Ctrl + Enter (if working in Normal View)

  • OR Press Ctrl + M

To insert a new slide using the mouse

  • On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click the upper portion of the New Slide button. This will add a new slide with bullet point in it.
  • Start adding text to the new slide.
  • Press Enter and type in the information making up the next bullet point.
  • Continue until you have typed in all your bullet point information (suggest a maximum of 6 per slide).

To enter a new line that is not preceded by a bullet point

  • At the end of a line, instead of press Enter, press Shift + Enter. This will jump the cursor down to the next line without preceding the line by a bullet point symbol.

To insert a new slide with different layouts

  • On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click the lower portion of the New Slide button. This will displayed several layouts:
  • PowerPoint 2007 new slide office theme

  • Click on the intended layout will insert the slide to your presentation.

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