"MS Word Tips: 8 Useful Suggestions When You're Working on Microsoft Word "

Here are the 8 simple MS Word tips to help you work faster and smarter:

1. Do not worry when doing something wrong.

When preparing or editing a document, if something looks wrong or funny, you can always use the Undo feature by pressing the Ctrl + Z key. To undo certain actions, you also can choose the Undo from the Edit menu to undo changes one at a time.

Aside from deleting or failing to save a file, there's almost nothing you can do that isn't reversible.

2. Trick to Delete Old Text.

I always see lots of users highlight the intended text to delete and press the Delete key first and only start typing the new text. You don't have to delete text you want to replace with new text. Select the old text and immediately start typing the new.

Why? Because the first keystroke replaces the old selected text. So, don't waste time pressing Delete first.

3. Select an Entire Paragraph to Change Formatting.

You don't have to select the entire paragraph to change the paragraph's formatting or style. Just click anywhere in the paragraph and choose the desired format or style.

For example, to change the paragraph alignment just click anywhere in the paragraph and then click the Align Left, Center, Align Right, or Justify icon on the Standard toolbar.

4. Work with Multiple Documents at a Time.

You don't have to close one Word document before you open another. You can open as many documents as you want to at a time. Use the Ctrl + F6 keyboard shortcut to move quickly between open documents.

5. Use the Keyboard Efficiently.

Sometimes the keyboard is faster than mouse if you utilize it correctly. The available keyboard shortcuts can be use to do things like open menus, select or format text, or move the insertion point marker.

For example, press the Home or End key to move to the beginning or end of the current line. Press Ctrl + and the left or right arrow to move one word in either direction. Hold down Shift while pressing those keys to select the text between the insertion point marker and the beginning or the end of the line, respectively.

6. Finding Some Words in Your Document.

You don't have to visually scan and manually scroll through a document looking for a word or phrase. Use Ctrl + F to open the Find tab and let Word locate the text for you.

7. Don't Press Backspace key Over and Over!

You don't have to press Backspace a dozen times to delete a word or phrase. If you type something and then change your mind, pressing Ctrl + Backspace to delete a word at a time is much faster. To delete several words or even sentences, highlight it and press the Delete button.

8. Still Waste Time for Spelling Check?

You don't have to repeatedly click Ignore or Ignore All every time the spell-checker stops on a proper noun or a term that's commonly used in your documents.

Just right-click the word and select Add To Dictionary so you don't waste time checking the same words over and over.

Here are just 8 simple yet useful MS Word tips that can help you to save time and efforts in using the Word 2003 documents. If you want to get more Word 2003 tricks, click the links below:

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