"Microsoft Word Tricks: Uncover 5 Tips to Improve Your Word 2003 Skills"

I am sure you love the Microsoft Word tricks because no matter how long you've been using Word, you can always learn new techniques to help you work faster and more efficient. Here are the few tips for you:

1. How to Grow Font, Shrink Text?

Here are three quick ways to change the size of selected text:

  • From the Format menu, click Font. From the Font dialog box displayed, select the Font tab and specify the desired point size.
  • Click the Font Size icon on the Formatting toolbar and select an entry from the drop-down list.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts, which are Ctrl + ] or Ctrl + [ to increase or decrease font.

2. Rename an Existing Document.

When you need to use an existing document as the basis for a new one, don't overwrite the old document. Use Save As to save a new file name. Here are the steps:

  • As soon as you open it, press Alt + F + A. (or from the File menu and choose Save As.)
  • From the Save As dialog box displayed, type a new name and save it.

3. Print Addresses on the Envelopes?

Want to address your envelopes in the printer? Type an address in a blank document then follow the steps here:

  • From the Tools menu, point to Letters and Mailings and click Envelopes and Labels.
  • From the Envelopes and Labels dialog box displayed, in the Envelopes tab, Delivery Address: section, enter the address (and return address if you want).
  • Click the Print button.

4. Expand Your Vocabulary.

Word has a built-in thesaurus. Press Shift + F7 or open the Tools menu, select Language, and then click on Thesaurus. Word will display a list of synonyms for the word you've selected or the word closest to the insertion point marker.

If you wish to find a word with similar meaning, use the synonyms. Just right-click on the particular word, and select Synonyms. The synonym of the word will prompt for selection.

5. The Beauty of Paste Special.

When you copy and paste text from a Web page or another document, the text brings its formatting into your document. To get around that behavior, copy the text and place the insertion point marker where you want to insert the copy. Then, open the Edit menu, choose Paste Special, and select the Unformatted Text option.

Learn these 5 essential Microsoft Word tricks can save your time in discovering the secrets behind the Word 2003. If you want to learn more tricks, follow the links below:

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