"Microsoft Word Tips: 5 Quick Word 2003 Basic Tricks That You Can Use Immediately"

Here are the 5 simple Microsoft Word tips to help you work faster and smarter:

1. Learn to Use Undo.

Make a mistake? Press Ctrl + Z or choose Undo from the Edit menu right away. Keep pressing Ctrl + Z to backtrack through and undo the most recent editing changes you've made.

2. Always Save.

Press Ctrl + S or click the Save button on the Standard toolbar. Save your work frequently to avoid unknown circumstances such as PC suddenly restart, document failure, etc.

To instruct Word to automatically save your work periodically, follow the steps here:

  • From the Tools menu, click Options.
  • From the Options dialog box displayed, click the Save tab, and check the Save AutoRecover info every: option. You can specify an interval from 1 to 120 minutes.

3. Quickly Move Around in a Document.

  • To move to the top of a document, press Ctrl + Home.
  • To move to the bottom of a document, press Ctrl + End.
  • To go to the top of the next page, press Ctrl + Page Down.
  • To go to the top of the preceding page, press Ctrl + Page Up.

4. Open Menus and Select Commands using the Keyboard?

Press Alt key plus the letter that's underlined to open a menu from the Menu bar, such as Alt + E will open the Edit menu. Once a menu is open, you don't need to press Alt key to select a command; just press the underlined letter of the command you want to select.

For example: Alt + F + V will open Print Preview.

5. The Magic of Right Mouse Button!

Don't be afraid to right-click on a block of text or a table cell. The shortcut menu offers immediate access to some handy formatting options.

I hope that these simple Microsoft Word tips can really help you getting started to use the Word program more efficient. To access more great Word tips, click the links below:

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