Start Exploring Microsoft Word 2003

The Word tutorial training here will guide you and start exploring the basic features of Microsoft Word 2003.

It started from opening file, moving around Word document, and different selection techniques that you can delete the text after selected.

Let’s start and have fun of learning!

Opening a file in Microsoft Word 2003

To open a file

  • From the File menu, click Open.

    Open file dialog box

  • From the Open dialog box as displayed, use the Look in: drop down menu to select the drive or folder that contains the file you want.
  • To open the file you can either double-click on the file name
    OR select the file name by clicking on it, and then click on the Open button.

    Moving through a Word document

    Using the Keyboard Arrow keys

    Place the insertion point anywhere in your document. Use the keyboard arrow keys to move up, down, left and right throughout the document.

    Using the Keyboard Page Up / Page Down keys

    If you press the keyboard Page Up or Page Down keys you will move through your document by approximately one screen per press.

    Using the Scroll Button

    If you click once on the down or up arrows at the top or bottom of the scroll bar you will scroll through your document one line at a time.

    Using the Scroll Bar

    Click on the scroll bar within the vertical scroll bar. As you drag it up and down, you will see page number displayed. When you release the mouse button, you will go to the page number indicated within the yellow colored pop-up.

    Word scroll bar

    Microsoft Word 2003 Toolbars

    To display additional toolbars

  • From the View menu, point to Toolbars.
  • From the Toolbars sub-menu, click on the required toolbar name. The toolbars that are already displayed on the screen are checked (ticked).

    To turn a fixed toolbar to a floating toolbar

  • Place the mouse pointer to header of the particular toolbar you wish to move until you see the 'cross' symbol appear.

    Drag toolbar

  • Click and drag the mouse to the location you wish to place the toolbar.

    To re-attach a floating toolbar

  • Move the mouse pointer to the Title Bar of the particular floating toolbar you wish to re-attach and double-click with the mouse button.

    Microsoft Word 2003 Selection Techniques

    Important: Before you can apply any formatting to the text, you need to select (highlight) the text first. It can be a word, a line, a paragraph or entire Word document.

    To select a word

  • Double-click on the word.

    To select a line

  • Move the mouse pointer to the left of the line you wish to select, until the mouse pointer changes from an I-bean to an arrow pointing upwards and to the right. Click once with the mouse button. select a line

    To select a paragraph

  • Move the mouse pointer to the left of the paragraph you wish to select, until the mouse pointer changes from an I-bean to an arrow pointing upwards and to the right. Double-click with the left mouse button.

    To select the entire document

  • From Edit menu, choose Select All.

    Deleting Text in Microsoft Word 2003

    If you wish a particular text to be disappear from your Microsoft Word 2003 document, then you can use the delete function.

    To delete a character

  • Place the insertion point to the left of the character to be deleted and press Delete key on your keyboard.

    To delete a word

  • Select the word to be delete by double-click on it and press the keyboard Delete key.

    To delete a line or lines

  • Select the line or lines to be delete (as describe in the Selection Techniques section above)
  • Press the Delete key.

    To delete a block of text

  • Select the block of text that you want to delete by dragging the mouse pointer over the text with the left mouse button depressed.
  • Once the text is selected press the Delete key.

    To delete the entire document

  • Select the entire document (as describe in the Selection Techniques section above)
  • Press the Delete key.

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