"Microsoft Outlook ...
How to Fully Utilizes This Powerful Program?"

Microsoft Outlook provides a single, integrated solution for organizing and managing your digital communication tools such as e-mail and instant messaging, along with all your day-to-day information from calendars and contacts to task lists and notes.

Then, you may encounter Outlook Express before, what is the different between them? Actually MS Outlook and Outlook Express is not the same program, and they do not offer the same features.

Outlook Express is a basic e-mail program. Hence, it doesn't provide the advanced functionality of Microsoft Office Outlook.

Now…What You Can Do With Microsoft Outlook?

Here are the 4 important features of Outlook:

1) E-mailing

This is the fundamental of the program. If Microsoft Outlook already installed in your computer then you need to set up Outlook to receive or send e-mail. Once set up, you can send or receive e-mail messages that contains text, graphic, clip, audio and video files to your friend using Microsoft Outlook.

Nowadays, you also can use Outlook to receive or send e-mail messages with free e-mail services such as Hotmail, SBC Yahoo! or AOL.

2) Calendar

Are you busy with your work or daily jobs? Then, Microsoft Outlook allows you to plan/schedule your tasks nicely according to your timing.

For example, Monday 10 am you have an appointment with client, you can jot down on it and save it. You can plan in advance your daily job hourly to fully utilize your precious time.

What happen if you wish to see what have you make in last week or you want to see just the next few day’s tasks? Of course if you save your daily work properly, you can see it with one or two mouse click!

3) Contacts Information

This is where you can organize the personal or business information for your contact i.e. people that you want to communicate with. You can store information such as name, company, multiple phone numbers, e-mail address, street address, picture, and any other information that relates to the contact.

Hey…Do not worry of too many contacts? You can easily perform search for a particular contact. You also can share the contacts, set a reminder for a contact and delete duplicate contacts.

4) Tasks Scheduling

Another beauty of Outlook is that you can systematically keep your daily tasks. It can be categorized it into simple or detailed list, active or overdue tasks, by category and completed tasks.

Each task detailed with the project start and end date, status, priority, etc. So, either to the individual directly involved in the project or company management, it’s easy to supervise the entire project.

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