"Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Keys - 13 Important Shortcuts for Working with Outlook Mail Messages"

While you're spending much of your time in Outlook working with messages, do you know that Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys can help you?

Well, writing new messages and replies, forwarding and deleting messages, filing messages in the hopes of reaching the bottom of your Inbox, etc. You can do all this from the keyboard.

Here I show you the keyboard shortcuts for doing that:

1.) Reply to the active message

2.) Reply to all recipients of the active message

3.) Forward the active message

4.) Mark the selected message as Read

5.) Mark the selected message as Unread

6.) Send and receive all messages in all folders

7.) Send and receive all messages in the current folder

8.) Mark to download the selected messages
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[M] Use this shortcut when you've configured your e-mail account to download headers only.

9.) Unmark the selected headers

10.) Check names
[Alt]+[K], [Ctrl]+[K]

11.) Flag the message for follow-up

12.) Mark the selected message as not junk

13.) Find the next instance of the current search term

You get it right, all can be done by just using the keyboard. You will see the keyboards are so powerful. For more Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys, free to visit the links:

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