"Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts: Apply Formatting and Accessing Key Tools"

Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts for Applying Formatting

If you're familiar with Microsoft Word formatting shortcuts, the Outlook supports some of the same keyboard shortcuts as Word.

Here are just few commonly used formatting shortcuts:

1.) Apply bullets

2.) Apply or increase the indent

3.) Decrease the indent

4.) Reset the formatting of the current paragraph or selection
[Ctrl]+[Spacebar], [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Z]

Outlook Shortcut Keys for Accessing Key Tools

Do you know that Outlook also provides the keyboard shortcuts to access the following tools?

  • The Send/Receive Groups dialog box
  • The Move Items dialog box
  • The Copy Items dialog box
  • The Find bar
  • The Advanced Find dialog box, and
  • The Address Book.

I believe most Outlook users often need to access these tools, using keyboard shortcuts can save you time and effort.

5.) Display the Send/Receive Groups dialog box

6.) Display the Copy Items dialog box

7.) Display the Move Items dialog box

8.) Display the Find bar
[Ctrl]+[E], [F3]

9.) Display the Advanced Find dialog box

10.) Display the Address Book

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