"Microsoft Office Clip Art ...What You Can Do With It?"

What is Clip Art? Microsoft Office Clip Art and Web Clip Art?

In simple words…it’s a ready-to-use graphic file.

Clip art is a word that describes any image, graphic, picture, or illustration used in publication, web site, desktop publishing application, scrapbooking, advertising, or in any other project that uses images.

Microsoft Office Clip Art is just a clip art that use in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Cartoons, bullets, animations, borders or corners, frames, photo clips, and other visual images in various sizes, colors, shapes, and topics can all be referred to as clip art.

Web clip art describes any image, or clip art that has been created especially for use on the Web pages. Many of these elements are also used in other publications, including newsletters, craft projects, and desktop publishing.

Web clip art will normally be in .gif or .jpg file format and is sized for Web pages. So it may not be suited to many desktop publishing projects, such as greeting cards, crafts, coloring pages, etc., as resizing clip art larger for desktop publishing projects could cause distortion.

The Usage of Clip Art…

Here is a few ways to utilize the clip art:

1) Desktop Publishing (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)
Clip art used for desktop publishing projects, including greeting cards, calendars, logos, reports, ads, brochures, etc., will normally require a higher resolution and a format other than .gif which would be more suited to your needs.

In the Microsoft Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc, there are clip arts that you can use in the program itself. In case if the clip arts provided is limited, you can always find more Microsoft Office clip art online.

Note: Properly insert a suitable Microsoft Office clip art can add credibility to your design document and vice-versa!

To insert the Microsoft Office clip art to the Office programs, click on the Insert Clip Art icon on the Drawing toolbar (normally locate at the bottom of the screen). The details step-by-step instructions you can find it in the
Microsoft Office Word Tutorials.

2) Web Pages
Clip art are widely used in the web pages. Among them are used for:

  • Web page background

  • Decorative site titles or headers (normally place at the top of the main page)

  • Menu and navigation buttons or interfaces for site navigation

  • Illustration of content to add the attractiveness

  • Divisions and separations between content (use line clip art)

3) Email and Instant Messaging
You can attach clip art to your email to send to friends to jazz up your email. While using the Instant messaging services such as MSN or Yahoo messenger, you also can send those clip art icons instantly.

How to Choose Clip Art?

The bottom line: Choosing clip art that is well-designed, not too busy, and has a pleasant color palette helps make web pages or publications you design look professional.

Even your clip art is free, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you have to use lots of it! Use your clip art sparingly, and make sure it has a purpose. Remember that not every point you want to make needs to be associated with a graphic -- less is more! Focus on contents.

Don't mix different styles -- Any clip art that choose for publications or web pages must come from the same family, even if you can't find exactly what you want in one family, the purpose here is to avoid contradiction.

The clip art need to match your design/page colors. Keep experimenting with the images and the background until you have an overall, eye pleasing color combination. Don't cause your potential customers to have vertigo.

Well, the tips here apply to either normal clip art or other specialized web or Microsoft Office clip art. So choose your clip art wisely!

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