How to Solve Your Problem with
Microsoft Office Assistant?

Yes, it’s actually the Microsoft Office Assistant feature in Excel.

By default this friendly little creature will watch what you do and offer tips on how to work more productively.

Occasionally the Office Assistant will display information on the screen. If you are unsure about how to use this feature you should always read the help offered.

Note: You are required to connect to the internet when you use the Office Assistant feature.

To show the Office Assistant

  • From the Excel Help menu, click on the Show the Office Assistant.
    Note: The Office Assistant feature required you to put in the Microsoft Office 2003 installation CD to install it first only that you can use it.
  • This will display the Office Assistant on the screen and you can move it to any place by clicking and drag to the intended location.

    To use the Office Assistant

  • Once you click on the Office Assistant, it will show something like this:

  • You see the highlighted texts that say ‘Type your question here and then click Search’.
  • Type in any question or term that you wish to search such as ‘toolbar’. It can be one word or combination of few words. Click the Search button.
  • You will see something like the screen below. Click on the link title that you would like to know. When finish, just close it.

    To hide the Office Assistant

  • Right-click on the Office Assistant and from the pop-up menu displayed, select Hide.

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