"Make a Histogram - How to Create a Histogram with Microsoft Excel 2007?"

With Excel 2007, you can make a histogram to group a list of values into categories and compare the categories. Excel calls these categories bins.

To better illustrate on how to create a histogram, create a worksheet as below:

Excel 2007 histogram table

This worksheet is to display the test scores for a group of students, for example, your first bin might be <=50, representing scores of 50 mark or under; your second bin might be 75; and last bin for test scores up to100 mark. Excel counts the number of occurrences in each bin.

When creating a histogram, you must provide three pieces of information:

  • Firstly, define the raw data you want to sort.
  • Secondly, define the bins (must be in lowest to highest order).
  • Finally, specify the cell in which you want the result to appear.

The results can appear in the current worksheet, in a new worksheet, or in a new workbook.

As you make changes to your data, Excel does not automatically make changes to your histogram. You must regenerate your histogram when you make changes to your data.

Note: The histogram tool is part of the Analysis Toolpak, which you may need to install the add-ins first as explain in the Excel 2007 add-in article.

To create or make a histogram

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