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The Keyboard Magic

Keyboard Shortcut Magic?

Computer keyboard is for typing right? Yes, that’s what most people think but actually not only that. I am going to show you the true values and secrets behind the keyboard!

You may think that the mouse can easily ‘outperform’ keyboard. I do agree that mouse is wonderful, easy to use and it’s a no-brainer to learn. Just press the mouse buttons…click here and there, right click, double click, middle scroll button – so easy.

Have you ever wished that you weren't so dependent on your mouse and thought you could work more efficiently by using the keyboard? Or have you ever think why there is an alternative to perform the same actions without using the mouse?

Yes…it is sometimes quicker to accomplish tasks with simple keystrokes rather than by using your mouse. Keyboard is faster…easier than mouse!!

Hey, to tell you the truth…before the mouse come along everything was achieved using the keyboard. There are things which can only be performed with your keyboard.

In term of Microsoft Office programs, lots of the actions can be perform faster than mouse click…if you know how to utilize the keyboard!

Still not believe, then…

Take a Look At Your Keyboard NOW!

Why? Did you really know how to use it? I can almost guarantee that you never fully utilize the keyboard functions. Do you know how to insert symbols like © ® ™? Ask yourself, am I really know how to use those keys? Insert, Ctrl, End, F1, Break, Page Up, F10, Shift, and the rest? How about those funny looking characters keys like & ^ ~ > ?

Are those keys on your keyboard just put there for fun? Or your keyboard just use for typing documents? The answer is obvious - No, and yet you never or not really know how to use them, why?

That’s why I created this book. To help you become one of the keyboard champion. This free ebook is to let you know almost all the available keyboard shortcuts that you can apply when using the Microsoft office programs.

So How You Can Benefit From It?

Your keyboard can practically replace your mouse – Let say you wish to save a document using Save As feature. We take a comparison for both methods here:

  • Mouse method: Move you mouse and click on File, then point and click on Save As. From the Save As dialog box, click the Save button.
  • Keyboard technique: Press the F12 key follow by Enter.

I am already proofed to you that keyboard is easier and faster than mouse even not all the circumstances! This is just one simple example.

Of course the real magic is that keyboard can achieve so many things that clicking just cannot do. The ebook is jam packed with about 300 keyboard shortcuts that will open your eyes so wide. It can improve your keyboard skills to a level that will simply amaze you.

The ebook is organized in such a way that it’s easy to understand and practices. For example, it’s categorized as document actions, formatting, selecting & navigating, etc.

Here is just an example of the Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts that related to the Tables:

Microsoft Word Table Keyboard Shortcuts

Of course the book not only covers the Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts. The Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and those generally can apply in any Office applications are covers extensively.

So eventually you realized that pressing one or two keyboard buttons can achieve so much more – instead of 3 or 4 clicks with the mouse. And when you see the amazing things that you also can do with your keyboard, you’ll very quickly know the value of this ebook.

The best part of it is that…You can get it for FREE! Just fill in your E-mail Address and First Name below and click on Send My Free eBook Now button.

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