"Install Microsoft Office 2010 Language Pack in 6 Easy Steps!"

Already get the language pack? Then, how to install Office 2010 Language Pack successfully? This article revealed to you.

The Office 2010 language pack installation screens will show the instructions and options in the language that you are installing (we have used English language pack in this guide, so all texts are in English).

Please note that this Office 2010 language pack is for PC that already pre-installed with Microsoft Office 2010 edition.

Then, follow the following guide closely to install Office 2010 language pack.

1. Microsoft Office 2010 language packs are available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Make sure that you have downloaded the right language pack before installing the pack. For example, the English pack 32-bit version is 416 MB.

2. Download Office 2010 language pack. Double-click on the downloaded file and the first screen should prompt you to select a Microsoft Office product.

Microsoft Office language pack 2010

3. There are 3 options available, select the Microsoft Office Language Pack 2010 - English from the list and click Continue button to see the license agreement screen.

Office 2010 language pack licanse terms

4. Accept the license agreement by checking the 'I accept the terms of this agreement' box, and click on the Continue button.

5. In the following screen, you can choose between custom or direct install methods. Clicking on Install Now button will install it to the default location and clicking on the Customize button allows you to change the installation options and the location.

Install Office 2010 language pack

6. For a computer newbie, just click on the Install Now button. For explanation purpose, here we will click on the Customize button. You can select or modify the options as you wish. When finish, click on Install Now button.

Office 2010 language pack installation options

7. Installation may take a few minutes to complete as you can see like the screen below.

Office 2010 language pack installation progress

8. Once completed, you will see successfully installed message as follow. Click the Close button.

Office 2010 language pack installation complete

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