Word 2003 Header and Footer - How to use it?

Word Header and Footer allow you to insert information at the top or bottom of every page. This information normally consists of chapter headings, page number, etc.

You can see header and footer information on your screen when in Print Layout View and Print Preview, but not in the Normal view.

To create a header or footer

  • From the View menu, click Header and Footer.
  • Word changes to Print Layout view and the Header and Footer toolbar is displayed.
  • Outlines of the Header and Footer text entry boxes appear at the top (header) and bottom (footer) of the page.

    header and footer

  • Insert the text for the header or footer in the appropriate text entry box. You can just type any text that you like.
  • You can change between header or footer by clicking on the Switch Between Header and Footer icon.
  • You also can click on the appropriate Header and Footer toolbar icons to insert the page number, time, date, etc in the header or footer. The following options are available:

    Icon Function
    Insert AutoText Inserts the default auto text.
    Insert Page Number Inserts page number into the header or footer.
    Insert Number of Pages Inserts the total number of the document.
    Format Page Number Format the page number.
    Insert Date Inserts the current date.
    Insert Time Inserts the current time.
    Page Setup Opens the Page Setup dialog box.
    Show/Hide Document Text Displays or hides document text.
    Same as Previous Section header/footers should be the same as the previous section, or new.
    Switch Between Header and Footer Toggle between allowing you to edit the header and footer.
    Show Previous Shows the previous section header/footer (only useful where a document is made up of multiple sections).
    Show Next Shows the next section header/footer (only useful where a document is made up of multiple sections).

  • When you have entered your header and footer text, click on the Close button on the Header and Footer toolbar.

    To move text in the header or footer text entry box

  • From the View menu, click Header and Footer.
  • In the Header or Footer text entry box, press the Tab key on your keyboard to move the cursor to the middle or right hand side of the entry box.
  • You also can use the Align Left, Right, Center, or Justify icons on the Formatting toolbar to do this.

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