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Here are the lists of free Excel template. To access the templates, click on the template title below will bring you to the download page. Then, click on the particular template title to download.

Sales Invoice
This is one of the most important sheet if you sale anything…Yes, sales invoice template make you just ‘fill in the blank’ and it will auto-calculate the total amount to be pay by the customer.

Employee Time Sheet
This template is design for an employee to track his or her daily work hours. The employee simply enters the times, and the formulas calculate the hours. It even tracks overtime hours on a weekly basis (set up as 40 hours, but easily modified).

Gantt Chart or Timeline
If you are dealing with project, you need to have planning in advance for the entire project tasks and schedules in order to meet the deadline. The template show you how to create an attractive "time line" (Gantt) chart in Excel.

This template is a calendar from year 1900 to year 2100. It demonstrates how to create a calendar for any month using a single (complex) array formula.

Schedule Planners
This template is designed to produce calendar/appointment pages that can be printed and inserted into a binder.

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