Formatting Toolbar and Text Formatting in Word 2003

The formatting toolbar is a toolbar that contains icons on it as shown below. Each of the icons has a specific purpose that can change the outlook of your document text when you apply to it.

Word Formatting Toolbar

The formatting toolbar is designed to apply many effects of text. Here is the list of icons and it function:

Style MenuAllows you to define a group of paragraph and character formats as a style, and then the styles in a style sheet.
Font MenuClick the arrowhead to the right of the font name box to view the list of fonts available. Scroll down to the font you want and click once to select it.
Font SizeClick on the white part of the font size box to enter a value for the font size or click the arrowhead to the right of the box to view a list of font sizes available. Select a size by clicking on it once. A font size of 10 or 12 is best for paragraphs of text.
Font Style Use these buttons to bold, italic and underline the selected text.
Alignment Text can be aligned to the left, center, or right side of the page or it can be justified and distributed across the page.
Line Spacing Allows you to set the amount of space between one line to another line.
Numbering and Bullets It is used to set-off and emphasize sections of text and are presented by dots or numbers.
Increase/Decrease Indent Change the indentation of a paragraph in relation to the side of the page.
Outside Border Add a border around selected text.
Highlight Use this option to change the color behind a selected text. The color shown on the button is the last color used. To select a different color, click the arrowhead next to the button.
Font Color This option changes the color of the text. The color shown on the button is the last color chosen. Click the arrowhead next to the button to select another color.

To change the font used by selected text

  • Select the text that you wish to apply a different font to. This can be any amount of text in the document from the single character, a word, a sentence, a paragraph, or the entire document.
  • From the Format menu, click Font.

  • Font dialog box

  • From the Font dialog box, change from the following options:

  • Text font Specifies the overall look of the character set.
    Font Style Determines the emphasis given to a character, i.e. Bold or Italic.
    Size Determines the size of the character in points. The higher the points, the larger the character will be.
    Font Color Determines the color of the text as it appears on the screen.
    Underline style Determines whether you have None, Single, Double, or Word Only underlining etc.
    Underline Color Determines the underline color of the text appears on the screen. Only available after you choose the underline style.
    Strikethrough A strikethrough line is drawn through selected characters.
    Double Strikethrough Two strikethrough lines are drawn through selected characters.
    Superscript Text is raised above its normal position on the text line.
    Subscript Text is lowered below its normal position on the text line.
    Shadow Adds a shadow behind the text.
    Outline Displays the inner and outer borders of each character.
    Emboss Text appears to be raised off the page in relief.
    Engrave Text appears to be printed or pressed into the page.
    Small caps Text is formatted in capital letters (smaller size).
    All caps Text is formatted in capital letters (normal size).
    Hidden Characters are hidden on the page.
    Preview The effect of the font is displayed before you apply it.

  • When finish, click on the OK button or press Enter.

    To highlight pre-selected text

  • Select the text you wish to highlight.
  • Click on the Highlight icon on the Formatting toolbar and the selected text will be displayed with a yellow box around it.

    To remove highlighting from text

  • Select the text that the highlighting is to be removed from.
  • Click on the Highlight icon on the Formatting toolbar.

    To change the color used for highlighting

  • Click on the down arrow to the right of the Highlight icon on the Formatting toolbar. This will display a range of colors that you can select from. Once you have selected an alternative this will become the default highlight color, until you select a different color.

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