"Excel Text Concatenation: How to Join Multiple Cells Together?"

Do you know that the Excel text concatenation feature can combine various cells together into one single cell in Microsoft Excel 2003?

For example, you may have three columns named, Title, First name and Last name and you maybe asked to combine those three values together. To achieve this capability we use the Text Concatenation Function. This article will look at the process of combining these cells together.

To use the Excel text concatenation feature

  • Open Microsoft Excel 2003 and create the worksheet as shown below:
Excel text concatenation
  • Go to cell E1 and type in the word Result, then select the cell E2. We are going to combine cell A2, B2, C2, D2 using the text concatenation function which is the ampersand (&) symbol.
  • However, we cannot automatically just combine Dates and Numbers with Text cells. We need to use the TEXT function.
  • " Let us focus first on adding the Title, First name and Last Name together. First select cell E2 and type the following formula:
    = A2 & " " & B2 & " " & C2

Note: There is a space between the double quotes. This is to ensure that the text in the fields do not combine together without spacing.

To add a date to the text

  • To add a date to the text we must first convert it to text using the TEXT function. The TEXT function also can be use to format the date in a specific format.
  • For example if I wanted a date in the format - 09/12/2008, I would enter the Text function as - TEXT(Cell Address, "dd/mm/yyyy")
  • To incorporate the Date into the cell, simply type the formula as follows - = A2 & " " & B2 & " " & C2 & " was born on " & Text(D2,"dddd, dd mmmm yyyy")
  • The result will be - Mr John Harvest was born on Sunday, 12 October 1980..

The good part about Excel Text concatenation is that you can use it with Excel Database lists and combine multiple cells together and then use the data in the list with programs like Microsoft Word to do a mail merge.

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