Excel Template – How to Create and Use it?

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When working with spreadsheets you may want to use the same layout or design. You can re-create the design every time you want to use it, or you can create a template.

Yes, it's Excel template...

You can create templates for workbooks and worksheets. The default template for workbooks is called Book.xlt. The default template for worksheets is called Sheet.xlt.

Creating templates can include the following elements:

  • Text and graphics
  • Layouts and styles formatting
  • Headers and Footers
  • Formulas
  • Macros

    To create a template

  • Create the workbook that contains all layout and formatting elements you wish to save as a template.
  • From the File menu, click Save As.
  • Type the name for the template in the File name: text box.
  • From the Save as type: drop down list box, select Template.

    Save as type: drop down list box

  • Select Save. The extension .XLT is added to the file name and the template is saved in the Templates folder.

    To use a template

  • From the File menu, click New to display the New Workbook pane.
  • From the Template section of the New Workbook pane, click on the blue On my computer… link display the Templates dialog box:

    Excel Template dialog box

  • Click on the General or the Spreadsheet Solutions tab to locate the template you want. For default template, click on the General tab and select the Workbook icon.

    Note: In the Spreadsheet Solutions tab, you can see 5 templates available. Most of the times you need to use the Microsoft Office CD in order to install the features and use it.
  • Click OK to open a copy of the template.

    Note: Excel 2003 allows you to access additional templates on the Microsoft Office website (required Internet connection). Just click on the Templates on Office Online link in the New Workbook pane, and you will be directed to the website and search for the template that you need.

    To download different types of free excel templates, click here.

    Template vs Style

    What is the different between Excel template and Excel style?

    Style is a collection of cell formatting information such as font size, patterns, alignment, etc that you can define and save as a group.

    If formatting information is assigned to cells using styles it is possible to easily update the appearance of a sheet by modifying the styles.

    Excel comes with a number of styles pre-defined, by default all cells have the Normal style assigned to them. It is possible to copy styles from one Workbook to another.

    To create a style

  • Select a cell formatted with the attributes you required.
  • From the Format menu, click Style.

    Excel Style dialog box

  • From the Style dialog box displayed, type the style name in the Style name: drop down list.
  • Select the Modify button to change any of the attributes. The Format Cells dialog box will be displayed.
  • Click on the Number, Alignment, Font, Border, Patterns and Protection tabs and make any changes required. Click OK to return to the Style dialog box.
  • Click OK.

    To apply a style

  • Select the range of cells that you wish to format.
  • From the Format menu, click Style.
  • Select the style from the Style name: drop down list box.
  • Select OK.

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