Excel MAX Function

The Excel MAX function is used to find the largest value in the selected range of cells or a given list of arguments. Text and blank entries are not included in the calculations of the MAX function.

The syntax for the MAX function is:

=MAX(Argument1, Argument2, ... Argument30)
Argument1, Argument2, ... Argument30 can be numbers, named ranges, arrays, or cell references. Up to 30 arguments can be entered in Excel 2003.

To use the MAX function (an example)

  • Enter the following data into cells C1 to C5:

    Excel MAX function data

  • Click on cell C7 where the results will be displayed.
  • Type =MAX(C1:C5) in cell C7.
  • Once finish, press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • The answer 953.5 appears in cell C7 which is the largest number in the list.

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