"How to Solve Your Problem with Excel Help Feature?"

Having trouble using Excel? Try the Microsoft Excel Help feature!

With this feature, you can almost solve all Excel related problem. It is also one of the most important features whereby you can discover the Excel rich features from the basic to advance.

So, just follow the step-by-step guide here.

Note: It’s recommended that you connect to the Internet to use the Microsoft Excel 2003 Help feature.

To start the Microsoft Excel Help

  • Click on the Microsoft Excel Help icon located on the Standard toolbar.

    Microsoft Excel Help

  • Then you will see the Excel Help task pane display at the right hand side of your Excel screen.
  • Type in the relevant text that you would like to get help in the Search for: text box.

    Excel Help

  • For example, we type in 'excel chart' and press Enter. Then, the search results are displayed, normally with 20 results as shown here.

    Search results

  • Click on the particular topic, let say we would like to learn how to create a chart in Excel, then click on the Create a chart.
  • This will bring you to another window that guides you to create a chart. There are 2 steps to create a chart.

    Microsoft Excel Help

  • You can click on the blue color link to get more information. When finish, click on the Close button. This will bring you back to the Search Results pane.
  • To go back search for other topic, just click on the Back button from the Search Results pane. You also can use the Forward button.

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