"Excel 2010 Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) - Adding and Removing Commands"

The Excel 2010 Quick Access toolbar (or QAT) is located at the top left of the Excel title bar, above the Ribbon tabs.

The QAT is an area of the user interface that provides quick access to commands. The QAT is designed to reduce the amount of navigation you have to do in the Ribbon to access the features that you use frequently.

Excel 2010 quick access toolbar

As you can see, the QAT contains three default commands (Save, Undo, and Redo) and the Excel logo is not part of QAT; you can add additional commands.

Please note that we only add the most frequently used command to the QAT to easy access.

To add a command to the QAT

  • Select the Ribbon tab that contains the command you want to add.
  • Right-click the command and click Add to Quick Access Toolbar in the menu that appears.
  • add command to quick access toolbar

To quickly add some commands to the QAT

  • Click the arrow to the right of the quick access toolbar and choose a command from the menu.
  • quickly add command to quick access toolbar

  • The default 3 commands that appear on the QAT have the 'tick' beside the command.

To add an entire Ribbon command group to the QAT

  • Just right-click an area in the command group name (for example, Paragraph in the Home tab) and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

If you think there are too many commands in the QAT, you can remove the command from the QAT. Also, you can move the toolbar from the title bar to a separate location below the Ribbon. To do that, read on another article on customize Quick Access Toolbar.

To remove a command (including the default commands) from the QAT

  • Right-click the command you want to remove from the QAT.
  • Choose Remove from Quick Access Toolbar in the menu that appears.

You can access commands on the Excel 2010 Quick Access toolbar using the keyboard. Press the Alt key and then a number key that represents the KeyTip for the command you want to access.

For example, Alt + 1 will save the worksheet.

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