"Excel 2007 Templates - Creating a Worksheet From a Template File in Excel"

A template is an Excel 2007 file that someone has already created that contains formatting, formulas, and data-entry areas. The Excel 2007 templates can really reduce your time when working on the Excel workbooks.

An Excel template is a workbook that's used to create other workbooks. This article discusses some of the templates included with Excel and also describes how to create a workbook from a template. By using a template to start a project, you start with what someone else has created rather than start from scratch.

Depending on the version of your Excel 2007 installation, mostly have 11 installed templates. It ranges from personal and business templates, including templates for time cards, to-do lists, budgets, expense trackers, and more. Even more are available for your use from Office Online.

To view Excel 2007 templates

  • From the Office Button, click New to display the New Workbook dialog box.
  • Excel 2007 new workbook dialog box
  • From the New Workbook dialog box, the Excel 2007 templates are listed in three categories:
  • Installed Templates - those installed on your hard drive.
    My Templates - those created by you.
    Microsoft Office Online - those you can download from Microsoft website.

  • The right side of the dialog box displays a list of templates that you've used recently.

Microsoft Office Online has a wide variety of templates that you can use or you can modify it to a new template. Before you can use it, just download the intended template from the site to your computer hard drive.

To create a workbook from a template

  • After you download a template from Microsoft Office Online, that template is available in the My Templates category in the New Workbook dialog box.
  • What to do next depends on the template.
  • Every template is different, but most are self-explanatory. Just replace the generic information with your own information.
  • Please note that you are working with a workbook that was created from the template file and not working with the template file itself.
  • If you make any changes, you're not changing the template. You're changing the workbook that's based on the template.

To access, download and/or use more free templates, head your mouse to a section called free Excel templates.

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